Sharpen the saw chain - is it worth it?

Many are reluctant to sharpen their saw chain themselves. Whether this is actually appropriate, and you should rather have a saw chain sharpened, what are the simple options for self-sharpening, and which sharpening services are available, read this post.

Need for sharpening

Saw chains should always be sharpened regularly. Working with a blunt saw chain is not only inefficient but also dangerous. It must then be worked with pressure, and the risk of injury increases significantly.

In order to sharpen the saw chains you usually can not get around. Although you can replace a dulled saw chain, but new chains generally cost between 10 and 20 EUR.

Saw chains can be ground to final wear at least 5 - 10 times, which is much cheaper than buying a new chain. The sharpening is well worth it.

Professional sharpening services

Chain sharpening can do a lot of business for you. For example, in Obi DIY stores there is also a professional sharpening service that does the chain sharpening cleanly and quickly and above all very professionally.

Do you want to sharpen or sharpen yourself?

The sharpening of the chain is of course associated with costs. On the other hand, a self-sharpening with the file is very complicated because you have to hit the right angle exactly, and bring the teeth of the chain to exactly the same length.

With professional chain sharpeners, however, sharpening the chain becomes much easier and generally it pays to buy such a device (simple devices cost about 25 - 30 EUR in the trade). For sharpening then little expertise is needed, and the cost and time to sharpen omits.

Tips & Tricks

Always wear cut-resistant protective gloves when handling the cutting set. Otherwise you may get hurt badly.

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