Sawdust for heating - is that possible?

Woodchip heaters are quite common. Whether you can also heat with sawdust, which are often very cheap to obtain, but is a frequently asked Frage.Ob that is possible, and what you have to pay attention, you will learn in detail in this post.

Wood chips and sawdust

While woodchips are directly shredded wood, sawdust is the waste generated during woodworking. Both are processed into chipboard and may vary in size. For example, rough shavings and fine wood chips are already very similar in size.

Unlike sawdust, however, certain standards apply to wood chips when they are to be used as heating material. The standards define certain characteristic values ​​and class divisions:

  • water content
  • Ash content after burning
  • Grain size and size distribution
  • Cubic density
  • the content of nitrogen and chlorine
  • certain minimum calorific values ​​and minimum calorific values

For sawdust, these standards do not apply, and they are not classified according to their quality in classes. They are often even cheaper than wood chips.

Heating systems for sawdust

Sawdust Stove

The sawmill kiln, known from many old craft enterprises, is a single kiln fired with sawdust. Meanwhile, you will find this type of stoves but only very rarely. The firing also requires experience and some practice, since the furnace usually has to be "stuffed".

Make pellets or briquettes yourself from sawdust

Ordinary biomass heating systems can be used to heat sawdust by simply pressing briquettes or pellets themselves.

In the case of pellets, this requires a great deal of effort; special equipment is required for this. Pelletmakers for private use shred the sawdust automatically and squeeze them into pellets in one go. However, such a device weighs around 400 kg and, with a power of 4 kW, generates around 30 - 70 kg of pellets per hour.

Briquetting is much easier, briquettes can also be pressed with a wood splitter made of sawdust.

Heat directly with sawdust

If the sawdust has the correct particle size, you can certainly be used directly with suitable woodchip heaters. However, the boiler should be able to regulate the fuel supply and amount automatically, otherwise it can often cause problems. If in doubt, ask the manufacturer of your boiler for suitability for wood shavings. Both the feeder and the boiler itself must be suitable for the material.

Tips & Tricks

Another way to make sawdust briquettes is in this post.

Video Board: Heating the workshop with saw dust