Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: which

Gardeners are happy to divide into two categories. The one is the one Bedding tables, weed pads and harvesters and the other the lawn lovers. It is often argued that the lawn does little work and is therefore favored by some.

Who but one well-kept and robust lawn He wants to invest a lot of time. In addition to the regular mowing work, the lawn must be cleared of weeds, fertilized, aerated, watered and scarred twice a year.

The time required for this is often underestimated. The more important it is to use good toolwhich facilitates the work.

Especially when scarifying can hardly be done by hand and An electric or petrol scarifier is essential. 3

Today therefore stands the Scarifier LE 540 from Viking in the test. Not cheap, he should really impress.

Technical specifications


  • Working width: 38 cm
  • maximum working depth: 35 mm
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Working depth adjustment: 6-fold central
  • Sound power level guaranteed: 89 dB
  • Sound pressure level measured: 72 dB
  • Engine: ZheJiang LEO 230V
  • Power consumption: 1600 W
  • Engine speed: 2840 rpm
  • Scarifier: 14 fixed knives on a shaft

Worth knowing about scarifying

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: Viking

To judge the work of a scarifier, it is important to understand what here in or on the lawn going on. In an ideal lawn, one blade of grass stands next to the other blade of grass, forming a dense "fur".

However, the reality is often different. Thick sods cause hiccups, moss interrupts the closed lawn and dense mattings of crop prevent that the lawn grows healthy, Scarification helps against all these disorders.

A scarifier has below one Wave with several knives, which are immersed in the ground by the rotational movement. In doing so, they separate grass scars, loosen dense moss and loosen tangles.

Theoretically, the lawn can during the entire growth period from spring to autumn become. It should be kept in mind, however, that scarifying, while caring for the lawn, is also a burden and then requires a close season.

It is therefore recommended to scar once each in spring and autumn, During this time it is not used so intensively and grows more slowly, which reduces additional mowing stress.

The instruction manual for the Viking Scarifier

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: Viking

Clearly illustrated and a checkbook for a scarifier

At a scarifier rotates a shaft with a knife, the is switched on and off and adjust in height leaves. The manual should therefore be relatively economical. Should!

But I think that's right thick book with incredible 430 pages in the hand. Externally, the user manual pleases by a wiping cover that feels like linen. I like it when (relatively) waterproof materials are used.

Especially in the workshop and garden you often have dirty hands and manuals then look very quickly taken badly. Here at least the cover can be wiped off.

The fact that this is a thick book is primarily due to the 24 languages. In addition, there are really extensive safety instructions, clearly understandable and clear pictures, as well as a description of all functions and operations.

If you still make mistakes or do not understand something according to this manual, you should keep your fingers off power tools. A guide can not be better.

Interesting is page 5, which resembles a checkbook to the car. It actually offers Space for entries and stamps for regular maintenance, Here you can see that it is not "just" a home improvement device, but is intended for professional use.

Construction and the first impression of the test scarifier

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: test

Screw connection does not fall off when loosening

There was no setup for our test device from Viking because I picked it up from a sales partner. There I also got one Briefing in which I showed the most important features were.

A shock, however, I got when the employee wanted to turn on the device on a concrete surface. Concrete and metal knives - This can not go well. Can it, but more in the practical test of the Vertikutierers.

When I arrived home, I needed that Only unload the mower and fold out the bow handle, Here I already liked the screw that fixes the bracket. If this is loosened, the screw handles do not simply fall off, but remain loose on the screw.

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: which

Easy to stow away with the temples folded

Thus, they can not be lost and no small parts must be kept safe. At the However, fixing the screw connection is somewhat unrulyas it also contains the guidance of the cable and the Bowden cable. But that can be lived, because the whole function is quite handy.

When folded, Viking's LE 540 is right small and above all easy to transport, Helpful here is primarily a carrying handle, which is located below. However, it is only really practical if the scarifier is worn in pairs. Here he offers a well rounded grip surface that does not cut in his hands.

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: scarifier

Very stable knife in a plastic housing

Alone, the scarifier can indeed carry, but the handle is not a help. a Scarifiers should always be worn in pairs, with 36 kg, but he can also be loaded alone and lift out of the car.

Overall, the scarifier makes a very stable and well-made impression. The housing consists of Polymer, which is impact resistant and UV resistantg is. In addition, the ejector flap is protected from damage with a thick rubber mat.

The Knife roller is very massive, but I have reservations about the fixed knives. If they hit a hard obstacle, do not fold it.

A scarifier, to which you have to buy the collection basket extra!

What I noticed during the assessment and also during the collection of the test device, is the missing collection basket, For me first of all a shortcoming. Why does it have to be purchased separately?

The employee, however, said that Scarifying more meaningfully without a catcher is. Instead, I should then with the Drive the lawn mower over the scarified area and "soak up" the loosened fabrics. I have thought about the background and when I think about the last years and my regular scarification work, that makes sense.

Anyone who has already scars knows for sure how quickly the collection basket full and, above all, heavy is. Hard, because everything really relaxed - including earth and small stones - lands in the drip tray. Why? The earth should actually stay on the lawn.

If you scarify without a collecting basket and drive then with the lawnmower on the surface, only the loose parts of plants and the heavier earth remains lie. This is actually more practical. Only those who have many stones on the lawn and want to dispose of them, really needs a basket.

The verticutter LE 54 by Viking in the test

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: Viking

Meaningful and practical - the cable strain relief

Before you start, the power cable must be connected become. Important, who uses a cable drum: This must be completely unwound to prevent overheating.

Like everyone else Mobile devices also Viking scarifier has a cable strain reliefto prevent the cable from being pulled from the connector.

Of course there is that usual safety switch, which must be pressed before pressing the strap switch. Nobody else would have expected anything else.

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: test

Voschriftsmittger safety switch

More interesting, however, is the left side of the handlebar and we come back to my previously mentioned fears when switching on solid ground.

No matter which Working depth on practical turning wheel (central height adjustment on the handlebar) is set, the scarifier can be switched on at any time.

Even if he stands on a concrete underground. This is possible by a lever that lifts and lowers the entire scarifying unit becomes.

The preset working depth limits the lowering process. On Adjusting the working depth while working is thus possible only downwards.

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: Viking

The knives are raised and lowered by means of a lever

In labor use, this method is indeed initially getting used to and I'm inclined to always tilt the scarifier in the test to reset it, man but gets used to it quickly to the quite practical lever.

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: Viking

If there are obstacles, raise the scarifying unit by lever.

He is helpful when turning, when resetting and also when obstaclesas I have them on my "lawn parking lot". Concrete feet of an old carport could be very uncomfortable for a scarifier.

Without the possibility to simply lift the scarifying unit, I would have to bypass the concrete parts. Thanks to the quick adjustment, I just keep going and pull my tracks row by row. A great thing for me, the significantly simplifies the work and, above all, increases safety.

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: which

The knife roller grips powerfully and pulls the scarifier.

in the Use remains the Viking amazingly quiet, which is certainly due to the thick plastic housing. At the two different volumes indicated in the specifications, I clearly tend towards the quieter (measured) 72 dB.

As long as the ground is not extremely hard or many stones are whirled up, the scarifier works very quietly in the test.

He really does not lack performance. Strong he also pulls maximum delivery by and can be slowed down only by very thick grass scars.

Note, however, that these actually only to be cut on the surface, it should never come to a standstill of the engine.

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: which

Left scarified, right not yet

The work result is impressive and it really gets it all done old clippings or tangles taken from the lawn.

The performance was very good and the Engine was only once overwhelmed, Here was a thick sod, on the used as a parking lot and therefore stuck grass, then a bit much.

The difference after editing is clearly visible. The picture shows in the left part clearly the relaxed Ground.

This allows the grass to breathe again and absorb nutrients. When working without collecting basket must then the Raised area or the loose plant remains taken with the lawnmower become.

Conclusion: Vertikutierer LE 540 by Viking in the test

Scarifier LE 540 from Viking im: Viking

Our conclusion

As mentioned earlier, Viking electric scarifier LE 540 is not cheap with an RRP of € 459. Nevertheless, the sales price should not be included in the assessment.

On the one hand, that can Price-quality ratio assessed only after regular use over years On the other hand, everyone should decide for themselves what is worth to him qualitative tools.

After my test, the scarifier from Viking in the upper quality segment to settle and a high price therefore justified. Neither in the processing, nor in the work or the operation defects are found.

Sovereign and powerful engine, he took over his job and was impressed only by very hard ground at the same time large sward. Especially liked the central HHeight adjustment on the handle in combination with a lifting and lowering operation.

This ensures a special occupational safety and makes it possible to raise the scarifying knives quickly when obstacles in the ground. When turning, resetting or under difficult working conditions a real workload.

The robust housing made of polymer is very dimensionally stable and ensures a pleasant soundscape, which by a Rubber mat on ejector lid supported becomes.

Working with Viking's scarifier was fun and it's almost a pity that the Lawn only be scarred in the spring and fall should. Without a found point for devaluation, there can only be five thumbs and an absolute buy recommendation.

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