Scarifier Test: Lawn Fan Compared

One device, many names: scarifier, also according to their mode of operation Lawn aerators or, called high-loft, aerators, have the task of ventilating the lawn after mowing and rid of moss and grass clippings.

For smaller lawns, it is easy to ventilate with a suitable rake - with larger lawns this looks quite different.

The term "scarifier" comes from the English and takes off vertical and cut together.

The process was invented in 1955 in the USASince then, gardens and golf courses around the world enjoy a much better lawn.

Properly Scarify - Lawn with intelligence

Scarifier Test: Lawn Fan Compared: scarifier

Vertikutier mechanism Source:, author: Stehfun

Scarifying should be done in the spring, from the second half of April to the beginning of May. During this time, the lawn is very strong and regenerative. Before airing, the lawn should be mowed, after scarifying is a fertilizer to recommend.

As good Setting for the scarifier has a working depth of 1 - 2 cm proven. Holes in the lawn are not nice; therefore, if necessary, reseeding makes sense. It should not be too hot or even hot when scarifying.

In a lot dry summers you should therefore do without a second scarifying end of August to September. If the summer, typically German, was very humid, it can be scarred even in late summer, but you do not have to work so hard here.

It's important in the spring, that you scratch the ground, but you do not completely remove the roots - otherwise nothing will grow.

Scarifier Test: Lawn Aerator Overview

devicepowermassvolumePrice (approx.)
Wolf Garden Campus 300 V800 W11 kg92 dB (A)150 €
AL-KO Comfort 32 VLE1,000 W12.6 kgK. A.103 €
Bosch ALR 900900 W9.4 kgK. A.154 €
Brill 38 VE / RL1,300 W13.8 kg87 dB (A)108 €
Atika VT 321,300 W11 kgK. A.82 €
Einhell RG-SA 14331,400 W15.5 kgK. A.119 €

Wolf Scarifier Campus 300 V: Light, loud fan

Scarifier Test: Lawn Fan Compared: scarifier

Wolf scarifiers have a reputation to defend, this proves to be worthy: Lightweight and compact is the Wolf Garden campus 300 V able to breathe a medium sized lawn again and enable it to grow.

Wed.t 16 double knives he plows the reason, the working width is 30 cm. However, the wolf "howls" quite loud: 92 dB (A) are not a little in the terraced and allotment.

In practice, this is especially true low weight and small outside dimensions as handy, This way, even remote areas of the lawn and winding corners on beds can be reliably scarred.

The catch bag is with 45 liters not oversized and must be ordered as an accessory on top of that; For a top-of-the-range unit this does not really please.

Conclusion: It would be nice with catch bag - Vertikutierrergebnis excellent.

Wolf Garden Campus 300 V: Pros and Cons


  • light
  • maneuverable
  • good performance


  • without a bag very expensive
  • weakest engine in the test
  • quite loud

AL-KO Comfort 32 VLE: Kippelkandidat

Scarifier Test: Lawn Fan Compared: test

The AL-KO Comfort 32 VLE is undoubtedly flexible - however This mainly affects the torsional rigidity of the housing and the grass catcher, The scarifier bends in the curve, during assembly of the catch bag, this in turn is very fumbling to assemble - the operation could be a lot more fun with slightly better chassis quality.

The device collects plus points in the case of the easily replaceable and in the Unlike the rest of the unit, well-engineered fan and scarifier rollers.

These can easily be exchanged with just one knurled screw. The price is okay for the performance, the Engine is on average 1,000 W, the weight is acceptable.

The biggest minus point of the device is the catcher holder: Shaky, not very durable and with a tendency to "throwing off" the catcher Can she drive the gardener mad? Here should be improved. The Vertikutierangebnis as well as the fan result are not bad.

Conclusion: trouble with the bag, but air for the wallet.

AL-KO Comfort 32 VLE: pros and cons


  • Cheap
  • good scarifying power
  • Fan / Vertikutierwalze easily changeable and standard


  • wobbly case
  • bad catch bag suspension
  • Operating instructions with defects

Lawn fan Bosch ALR 900: Swabian lawn massage

Scarifier Test: Lawn Fan Compared: compared

Gentleness is the strength of the Bosch ALR 900: Although eHe removes moss and mulch residue from the lawn and leaves most of the tender plantlets, As a result, the lawn looks so green afterwards and is nevertheless well ventilated.

With a weight of 9.4 kg, the ALR 900 can also be stored in the basement; the 900 watts of engine power are enough - When scarifying it depends more on the technology.

This has undoubtedly its qualities, on the housing, however, one could work something: The Plastic is tend to be a bit too thin, which also leads to plastic deformation and mismatch leads to the housing.

Nevertheless, that is technical operation of the device perfectly; easy and manoeuvrable, he drives through the garden and puts an end to the moss.

Conclusion: Gentle Schwabe with a little soft shell, but excellent core

Bosch ALR 900 test: pros and cons


  • good service
  • gently to the lawn, hard to the moss
  • technically mature
  • light
  • compact and agile


  • slightly cheaper plastic

Scarifier Brill 38 VE / RL: Green, cheap, good

Scarifier Test: Lawn Fan Compared: test

Good performance for favorable price, perfect Vertikutier- and fan result, even on heavier soils, powerful engine - actually only praise for the Brill 38 VE / RL.

If there were not the thing with the catcher and the plug: while the former, how evidently common in scarifying, neither very intelligently constructed nor stably fixed The latter often slips out. Result: a short break without power supply. This is a bit annoying and does not have to be on an otherwise good device.

Already the fan roller offers at normal to medium-heavy soil a good result, the knife roller is only needed for really heavy soils (dry clay).

The fan roller reaching into the lawn also pulls the scarifier forward so that you can only little power needed to push.

Conclusion: Great device - with small quirks.

Scarifier Brill 38 VE / RL Test: Pros and Cons


  • price
  • Scarifying and ventilating power
  • rolling quality
  • strong engine


  • wobbly catcher construction
  • Plug can slip out

Scarifier Atika VT 32: Cheap, simple, good

Scarifier Test: Lawn Fan Compared: device

Scarify. Point. More such a device does not have to do for the Price of around 85 euros you can not complain verily, The Atika VT 32 airs and scarifies, both makes it quite loud, but also powerful.

The Although the catcher is too small, it can still be attached to the device in a sensible way and stays where he should. This is already a huge plus point in this test.

Otherwise, the device has a powerful motor with 1,300 watts and despite that quite appealing processed housing a relatively low weight of 11 kg. Overall, everything fits here - including the ventilation and scarifying performance.

Conclusion: Cheap does not mean bad - clear recommendation.

Atika VT 32 test: pros and cons


  • light
  • powerful
  • Cheap
  • good catcher holder
  • good handling
  • good plastic quality


  • quite loud
  • Tray too small

Einhell RG-SA 1433: Powerful, big and red

Scarifier Test: Lawn Fan Compared: compared

Normally, Einhell's devices are the lower end of the price range in a comparison test - not so. The Einhell RG-SA 1433 is the largest and most powerful scarifier in the testHe also brings the most weight on the scales. With 15.5 kg the accommodation is recommended in a garden shed.

The scarifying power as well as the processing of Einhell is very good. The The catch basket stays where it should, but it is small with 28 liters devices. With 119 €, the device is priced acceptable.

The clou of Einhell is the Possibility for wall storage of the device: This saves valuable space, because a scarifier is rarely used. You should, however, take strong dowels!

Conclusion: powerhouse with a small catcher, high weight and good performance

Einhell RG-SA 1433: Pros and Cons


  • powerfully
  • powerful
  • good catcher holder
  • good plastic quality
  • clever storage


  • quite loud
  • heavy
  • Tray too small

Scarifier comparison winner and prize-winner: Atika VT 32

Scarifier Test: Lawn Fan Compared: scarifier

Our rating

Double honor for the Atika VT 32: a device with which you can be absolutely satisfied and probably for a long time. Either technically and in terms of processing convinced the device.

The catcher holds, the engine is strong, the case is well made and the device is not too heavy. A clear one Buy recommendation, given the really low price not too difficult to fall into the office.

We also liked the Brill 38 VE / RL and the Bosch ALR 900. Both Scarifiers cost small processing defects and problems with the catcher's victoryHowever, they are still very good devices in terms of how they work.

For the Brill you can confidently award the second place, the Bosch comes on the third.

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