Creepy Halloween pumpkins

Carving pumpkin head

Creepy Halloween pumpkins: Halloween

Carved pumpkins are a special part of the Halloween feasts on October 31st, When they light up in the evening in front of the home or in the apartment, they miraculously show that the Night of the Spirits and Skeletons is celebrated. Creepy carved pumpkins help to drive away evil spirits. So get up to the pumpkin!

material list

  • Various pumpkins
  • Removal Bits
  • pencil
  • Candle or tealight


Creepy Halloween pumpkins: pumpkins

Creepy Halloween pumpkins: pumpkin

Draw with one pencil a face on the pumpkin. Just press lightly until you are satisfied with your design, and then rerun the lines with thicker strokes.

Cut with the Dremel 300 Series (High speed milling cutter) top one cover from the pumpkin. Set the lid aside. Cave the pumpkin with a spoon. Be careful not to puncture the pumpkin.

Creepy Halloween pumpkins: Halloween

Creepy Halloween pumpkins: pumpkins

Now pick up the Dremel 300 Series with the high-speed milling cutter again cut out the marked shapes, Carefully work your way into every nook and cranny to get an appealing result. If you want to deviate from the traditional carving pattern, you can also take moons, stars, spiders, witches on brooms, cats or other motifs that are suitable for Halloween. Be creative - and have fun doing it. But do not forget, a glowing pumpkin on your doorstep means you can expect sweets to kids ringing for you on Halloween night. So fill up your stock, otherwise there is acid!

You can now put a candle or tealight in the pumpkin and light it.

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