Use a scraper blade

The scraper blade is a very important tool in woodworking. For many applications it can not be replaced by other tools or aids. But there are two factors of crucial importance that work works as presented. One of these is the correct use of a scraper blade. How to use the scraper properly, you can read here.

You can use a scraper very versatile

The scraper blade is a versatile tool. Today, of course, it is often replaced by sandpaper. However, while there are so many types of abrasive paper, the scraper blade is often irreplaceable. So you can use the scraper blade for a variety of jobs:

  • generally the cleaning of wood surfaces
  • the removal of old paints, glazes and other coatings
  • instead of grinding a wooden surface
  • for finishing soft metal surfaces

You can read more about stripping with a scraper here. This includes the cleaning of wood surfaces. It is worth noting that not only flat wooden surfaces can be processed. Grooves and ridges in various shapes, curved wooden surfaces can be excellently cleaned, stripped and sanded it the scraper blade.

Advantages over other tools and aids

In some cases, even better results can be achieved when sanding wood surfaces than with sandpaper, for example. Especially with bent or otherwise shaped wooden surfaces, the advantages of the scraper show. Partly the paint stripping or cleaning a surface is done even faster than with a grinding machine.

Use and sharpness are crucial

However, for the scraper to be used so efficiently, two aspects are extremely important. On the one hand, the scraper must be properly sharpened. On the other hand, it is very important to use.

Moving a scraper blade: push or pull

You can pull or push a scraper blade. Basically, the work result is always similar. However, the risk of pushing or pushing is higher, that you accidentally pull yourself into the wood and cause damage.

The scraper blade is always held in a downward angle to the workpiece in the direction in which to work. Pull the blade, showing the angle in the direction to be pulled. Slide the scraper blade, the angle also points in the direction you want to move.

Use the scraper blade: the right tension and span width

At the same time, the scraper blade is slightly stressed during use, so the blade is bent. The blade is bent so far that you span about one to three centimeters in width. Each time it is peeled off, the surface or coating is removed by about 0.1 mm, that is, one-tenth. As already mentioned, and because it is crucial for the result, the scraper blade really needs to be sanded and sharpened extremely well.

Tips & Tricks

Scrapers are also available in different strengths. Mostly strengths between 0.5 and 1.0 mm are used. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what strength you use. Depending on which scraper blades are better in your hand, you should preferably use the corresponding strengths. This also applies to pulling or pushing while using.

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