Remove scratches on the leather shoes

Leather shoes have the advantage of being insensitive to scratches and scuff marks. In most cases, damage caused by the intensive use of the usual maintenance maintenance can be eliminated. For deeper scratches repair creams and color waxes are available, which form a stable connection with the animal skin.

Fill elastically

Leather has also proved to be the most advantageous material for footwear, because it is frugal and repairable. Most scratches consist of paint scuffs that can be removed by ordinary shoe polishing. Up to mid-depth damage works the principle of waxing. For very deep scratches, a special filler can close the blocking leather gap.

Scratches in the leather can be largely eliminated by elastic aids. Special waxes and repair creams contain ingredients that give elasticity. If an unsuitable product is chosen, it can crumble again in bad case of shoe use. Not all creams and waxes are suitable for all shoe types. The softer the leather, the more elastic the filler must be.

How to repair scratches in leather shoes

  • Leather repair cream or wax
  • leather soap
  • Schuhschleifpad
  • Lighter or candle
  • Shoe Trees
  • Horsehair brush

1. Pre-clean

Remove all cleaning agent residues with special leather soap before repairing. Be sure to completely dry out before you start scratching.

2. Insert the shoe trees

If the leather shoes are made of very soft leather, insert a shoe tree. Alternatively, stuffing with newspaper is helpful.

3. Clean scratches

Depending on the scratch pattern, flea-ups or crumbs are usually created. Sand it off with a shoe sanding pad.

4. Heat the wax

If cream is no longer sufficient to fill a deep scratch, you need to use repair wax. It is, similar to sealing wax, liquefied by heat. "Drop" it into the "wound" and rub it evenly in the scratch notch.

5. polishing

Polish the dried wax with a horsehair brush. Depending on the outcome, you should complete with a traditional maintenance process.

6. Soft leather

When the repaired leather is soft, slowly move it back and forth in your hands to strengthen the material connection. The fresh wax "settles" in this way.

Tips & Tricks

Regular maintenance care not only keeps your leather shoes in good shape, but also makes them less sensitive to scratching. If you hit a sharp-edged obstacle, the surface "slips" more strongly.

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