Remove scratches from a watch case

The wearing position of a wristwatch carries the risk of getting caught on something. Quickly created in this way scratches in the watch case. The best way to remove the disturbing marks depends on the material. Metal housings are usually easy to polish, while plastic housings can only be processed to a limited extent.

Plastic or metal

If you own a watch with a plastic case, you have very limited options for removing a plastic scratch. In the application of polishing agents, the surface usually changes in gloss and color behavior. For high quality models, some manufacturers offer special agents that are worth a try.

Metal housings are more grateful but must be handled carefully and carefully. The common stainless steel can be polished and sanded. If there is a deeper scratch, the sanding and polishing is tried out. Not in every case, the scratch is completely removable, but it can be significantly mitigated. Expensive watches should always be handled with professional tools such as industrial grinders. In case of doubt, the scratch removal by a specialist is preferable.

How to remove scratches from your watch case

  • Soft sandpaper from 800 grit
  • Fine polishing paste
  • Polishing attachment made of leather
  • Abrasive attachment from precision mechanics
  • duct tape
  • tissue
  • Industrial grinder or Dremel
  • shammy

1. Mask off the glass

To protect the watch glass, which otherwise requires scratches, cover it with tissue paper. Cut a piece of paper to the size of the glass. Fix the laid-up paper on two opposite sides without covering the area to be sanded. If there are several scratches, you will work in several independent steps.

2. grinding

Clamp the watch case firmly if possible. Usually the bracelets or their eyelets are the best fixation points. A vise with a layered fabric insert or sticking the bracelet on a flat surface is helpful. Sand the scratched area and repeatedly remove the sanding dust with a damp leather.

3. Polishing

If the scratch has faded or disappeared, apply fine polishing paste and polish with your hand or a leather polishing pad.

Tips & Tricks

The Aufziehrädchen or the crown on your watch case can protect you well with a "tube" made of tape.

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