Remove scratches from watch glass that is made of mineral glass

There are three common materials from which watch glass is made. In addition to plastic and sapphire crystal mineral glass is used. It resembles most of the structure and ingredients of conventional windowpanes. The specific composition allows grinding and polishing methods that do not work with other materials.

Hardened surfaces

Common mineral glass is flat glass and has a quartz content similar to that of an ordinary window pane. For use as a watch glass, it can be post-cured by industrial processes. The peak surface hardness values ​​of mineral glass reached about half the values ​​of sapphire glass.

Unlike a scratch on the glasses is usually limited only the beauty and rarely the functionality of the clock. In general, in each case of damage or after the purchase of a used watch, the ratio of the expense to the completion should be checked by a specialized company.

Application and editing rules

Light to strong toughened mineral glass watch glasses require a long polishing process. Special tools such as diamond grinding paste are often more expensive than a new replacement glass. The polishing service at Uhrenmacher usually costs only a few euros. Since professional precision mechanics have the right auxiliary equipment and abrasives ready, the workload is relatively moderate.

If you want to try self-polishing and removal, there are a few factors to consider when doing this:

  • Many light polishes are preferable to less intense ones
  • The polishing paste must be too fine rather than too coarse
  • The mineral glass should never be dry-polished
  • Large temperature differences between polishing agent and glass must be avoided
  • Polishing machine or Dremel must be discontinued for the purpose of heating control
  • A dust-free working environment prevents "swelling" of dust particles
  • Microfibre cloths must never be used
  • Also, glasses cloths often have a microfiber structure
  • "Home remedies" such as toothpaste should not be used

Working tool chamois leather

Chamois leather is suitable as a basic polishing, grinding and wiping aid. Also, the simultaneous or additional removal of scratches on the watch case can be gently supported with chamois. This also applies to sapphire and plastic lenses. Important when removing scratches on glass is the low initial intensity, which is slowly increased depending on the result.

Tips & Tricks

Many watchmakers and jewelers offer the polishing of a moderately scratched watch glass as a free service.

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