Remove scratches on watch glass

If there are scratches on the watch glass, they can often be polished out. When removing, the type of glass must be taken into account. Frequently praised home remedies are not recommended and not necessary for cost reasons. Who wants to polish scratches, can usually use low-cost offers of watch shops.

Common types of glass

Cheaper watches and modern designer goods usually have plastic lenses. Although it is plastic in principle, it is quite possible to polish scratches to some degree by hand.

Standard watches usually have mineral glass, also called real glass. It is similar to the traditional glass of windowpanes. The polishing method and chances of success also depend on the individual execution.

High-quality watches feature the particularly hard sapphire crystal. As one of the hardest minerals polishing and grinding success can be achieved only with a few even harder tools. An electrically operated grinding machine is indispensable.

Helpful devices for real glass

For many genuine or mineral glasses and sapphire crystal, a small grinding machine provides ideal services. Due to the curvature and shape of the watch glasses normal flat grinders or polishing attachments, for example on cordless screwdrivers and drills can not be used. Three types of devices work well with the corresponding abrasives:

  • Dremel
  • Mini grinding machine from model making with compressed air or electric motor drive
  • Conditional an electric fingernail polisher from the manicure trade needs

How to polish plastic watch glass

  • Glass polishing or rinsing agent
  • Soft polishing cloth such as a glasses cleaning cloth

1. Apply agent

Put a drop of glass polish or detergent on the center of the watch glass.

2. Polishing

Polish with a damp cloth in a circular motion. Check the effect after two to four polishing cycles by rinsing the watch glass with clear water.

How to polish watch glass with an auxiliary device

  • Dremel, mini grinder or fingernail polisher
  • Abrasive or attachment with at least 6000 grit
  • Soft postpolishing cloth
  • Chamois paper
  • Polishing paste made from whiting or special agents
  • Polishing paste with carbide or corundum for sapphire crystal

1. Pre-polishing

Apply the polishing paste to the watch glass as a light even film. There are leather-like polishing attachments for Dremel or model mini-grinding machines. Work circularly off the paste film. Check the result by wiping off the paste residue.

2. repolishing

If the result is unsatisfactory, place a 6000- to 12,000-grit abrasive attachment on the machine. Polish without abrasive paste and then repeat the pre-polishing process.

Tips & Tricks

For mineral glass, you can try the effect of a fingernail polisher. For sapphire crystal, these devices lack sufficient power.

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