Cat scratching post - Designer furniture for cats

Cat scratching post - Designer furniture for cats: furniture

Cat furniture made of cardboard

Anyone who has a cat has certainly already experienced how much a cat enjoys an empty box that it can "fill". Two creative minds have gone one step further and are now creating designer cardboard furniture - especially for cats.

Who would have thought that the Sandman once helped to release a trendy new home accessory? But that's the way it is, because the two inventors Martin Frank and René Frommholz started talking about a current sandman series during the filming and finally came up with the idea to stir up the now boring cat tree market. The new cat furniture is called cat-on®. Canapé, sofa, tunnel and "S". Each of them is made of refined corrugated cardboard, which is not only durable, but also looks chic and noble. The designers were so convinced of their new idea that they immediately went to the Patent Office - in vain. The Patent Office did not know which category to put the new idea into. Decorative furniture, packaging material or in the main category of animals?

After a long back and forth probably a suitable category was found and the distribution of furniture could finally begin. Christmas 2009 the first piece of furniture for cats was created. To date, already 250 pieces have been sold. Of course, in the meantime, many more cat trees have been sold than cat on's, but the inventors will surely think that only 250 cats and cat owners were really made happy.

Cat scratching post - Designer furniture for cats: furniture

Cat scratching post - Designer furniture for cats: post

Who also thinks that scratching posts from the hardware store are boring, but also do not want to spend money on designer furniture, should just think about independently build a cat tree. Maybe even cardboard.... Here is a list of different building instructions: Build cat tree yourself at

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