Screeding the screed has a fiscal and functional price

For a few craft works, the perspectives of executives and clients continue to diverge. While the client wants to calculate the leveling of the screed as a fixed cost center, it is a difficult calculable challenge for the craftsman. In practice, the parties should prepare peace in advance.

voltage conditions

Apart from manual frustration, increased costs for filling a screed often lead to discrepancies between client and contractor. First of all, the purpose of spatulaing is often inexplicable to a layman. In view of a smooth and professionally executed screed, the filling required according to the DIN standard understandably meets with incomprehension.

Obviously, the assessment deviation becomes especially when a floor covering in the hallway is to be prepared by spatulas. The normalization provides for the laying of tiles or laminate as well as a carpet in the hallway before a preparatory filling. Should later be any damage such as undulating and aufbaubende floor coverings, a complaint can be justified by the spatula or omission.

Must, can and should

When filling a floor, a kind of buffer layer is always created, which can, for example, influence the adhesiveness of adhesives, but does not have to. Rarely controversial is the straightening and leveling of a screed. However, whether the surfaces need to be filled or leveled out can lead to different views.

The composition of the price shares is weighted differently. When filling, the lion's share of the costs arise through the work, when compensating by the material. The biggest challenge with screed filling is the time. Naturally, a floor is below and forms paths and underlay for all craftsmen in a renovation and new construction. Experts speak of sore screed, if they are intensively used after filling and before the final proof.

Clients and builders demonstrate foresight when they embed the screed processing in a precise schedule. In doing so, the trades still to be completed must be taken into account. How many craftsmen still have to carry out which work using and loading the screed? Investments in footbridges and bars can significantly reduce the rework costs for "sore" fillings.

Tips & Tricks

By completing the detailed design, you can avoid the original standard sets of screed finishing work being made much more expensive.

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