Fill screed for mirror-smooth floors

If the new parquet or laminate flooring is perfect, even and stable over many years, the substrate must be carefully prepared beforehand. Screed scraper eliminates the hilly landscape in the room, keeps away the dirt and gives your floor its necessary hold.

Before a new laminate floor is to be laid, there is often the problem that the existing screed substrate over time wavy and porous is. Especially in places where previously heavy furniture have stood, many bumps are visible, which now have to be compensated. Putty is used here, which can be subdivided from its basic composition into three main main groups.

Types and applications of spatula

  • Cement-bound spatula: Use preferably outdoors, in wet areas (fine, - floor or leveling filler or lightning cement)
  • Plaster-bound spatula: very good material compatibility, use especially indoors (internal and adhesive spatula)
  • Resin bonded ready-made filler: suitable for indoor and outdoor, can be used on wood, metallic and mineral substrates (instant, quick and ready fillers)

The consistency is important

To the Fill screed Preferably, those varieties are used which can be processed progressively. For minor repairs or repairs to the soil, the relevant trade offers stable putty with a very low consistency. The hardening time is accordingly very different and ranges from a few minutes (as with the flash cement) up to six hours (with the concrete spatula). However, these times do not mean that the floors after the screed spatula already fully loadable. When buying should necessarily be respected on the manufacturer's instructions, which shows whether the filler is suitable for example for underfloor heating or chair roles.

Fill screed on a TOP-clean surface

No matter what kind of spatula is used, the substrates must be before definitely meticulously cleaned thoroughly have been. Particularly porous materials or residues of floor adhesives should be removed without residue, so that the screed also keeps in the area permanently. In addition, the application of a complete primer is recommended, which serves to the moisture of the filler better absorbed and distributed.

Fill the screed with tools

What is needed in aid, depends on the Size of the surface to be worked and the type of fillerthat you want to use. Indispensable, however, are in most cases:

  • High quality trowels and floats
  • Various painters and tooth scrapers
  • Screed scraper (at high layer thicknesses)
  • Straightener (decal) and nail roller
  • Edge insulation strips for the walls
  • Mortar stirrer (as an attachment for the drill
  • bucket
  • Brush and rollers

Apply the putty

During the processing, in the interest of a high quality of screed filling the prescribed quantities and processing instructions of the manufacturer should be strictly adhered to. Thereafter, the touched spatula in controllable portions dumped and evenly distributed using a squeegee. Then, as long as the mass is still viscous, is vented with the nail roller and the soil can now dry out.

Tips & Tricks

When screed, make sure to pay attention to a pore-deep, clean and residue-free surface. During processing, the thickness specified by the manufacturer must be strictly adhered to.

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