Install a screen retractable on or in the ceiling

In earlier times, the expensive projector technology was used almost exclusively in the commercial sector. In the meantime good technology is affordable and a projection surface is needed for the home cinema experience. When installing the canvas in the ceiling, a subtle and practical solution can be realized. Some accompaniment factors are important.

Planning steps and positioning

A rolled-up canvas with a side length of two meters produces a roll of about ten centimeters in diameter. This makes it easy to hide a roller in an elongated box that can be screwed to the ceiling. The housing may have a flap that opens before use. Alternative is a guide slot through which the screen is suspended and locked by a closing bar at the bottom.

Both types of construction can also be completely hidden in the cavity behind a suspended false ceiling, given the appropriate structural conditions. In any case, the identification of the perfect position needs to be paid close attention.

lighting conditions

Window light and lighting reflect on the screen and interfere with the projection. Shading and lighting should be planned with.

Distance and size relation

Depending on the available space and projector performance, the optimal width and height of the screen must be selected. Resolution and playback formats must give a clear picture

beamer position

In order to build a projector screen yourself, the projection device must be able to be mounted in the appropriate distance and horizontal position as possible.

Operable and accessible

An electronic remote control screen technology increases placement options. Mechanical operation such as a crank must be accessible undisturbed by furnishing.


The number of users and their sitting habits should be taken into account. There are also storage facilities for drinks and snacks such as side tables and coffee tables to consider.

Placement of accompanying technique for picture and sound

The playback source such as TV set and DVD player that powers the projector must be connected to the projector and be accessible. Speakers must be able to produce an echo and hall-free sound.

Design and furnishing goal with retracted canvas

The drawn-out canvas can be placed in front of furniture such as shelves, a designed wall, a window or in front of a TV set.

Tips & Tricks

If you hang a canvas without a stretcher, you will need a weight at the bottom to prevent movement by draft.

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