Screens or grilles serve as foliage protection in gutters

Two constructions are common to protect the gutters from clogging by foliage. With individual dormer gutters in dome shape, the drain sockets are protected above the downpipes outlets before flushed foliage. Alternatively, the entire gutters can be covered with perforated plate or grids.

Two types of foliage protection

The gutters are dome-shaped wire attachments, which are placed over the drainage points of the gutters. They prevent the penetration of leaves, small branches or other objects in the downpipe. The rest of the gutters remain unprotected and must be cleaned regularly.

The complete cover of the gutters can be made with plastic or metal grilles. Both perforated plates and wire or plastic grids are available. Perforated sheets reduce the water absorption capacity of the gutters.

Which foliage protection to choose?

There are both fixed leaf protection devices as well as with simple click technique to be fixed leaf guards and loose lattice.

As additional foliage protection, the so-called snow ridges can serve on the roof surface above the gutters. If the lower row of the snow guard is chosen just above the eaves and the gutter mounted on it with small bar distances, it keeps the deciduous fly from the roof surface.

The correct selection of the leaf protection device depends on several factors.

  • Which financial expenditure should be operated? Gutters are very cheap and only a few are needed. Grids and sheets cost many times over.
  • What kind of leaves or other dirt is to be expected? Needles or leaves, size of the leaves, pine cones, low or very high amount of accumulation, design of gutters.

Price depends on material

Like the gutters, the leaf protection devices can be made of plastic or metal. Usual are galvanized iron, copper, aluminum

  • Gutters are offered in from 2.43 euros per piece in galvanized models.
  • Roof gutters made of copper cost at 6,41 Euro per piece.
  • A perforated sheet metal grille made of aluminum for insertion costs at 24.19 euros per two-meter-long piece. For grids sealed with copper, prices between 40 and 60 euros are required.
  • At, a plastic leaf protection grille with fixed click technology is being offered for 3.70 euros per meter long piece.

Tips & Tricks

Titanium galvanized leaf protection devices are designed for a lifespan of forty years.

Video Board: How to Install Rain Gutter Leaf Guard