Store screw clamps - interesting possibilities

Screw clamps are often rarely needed - during this time you should store them somewhere as close as possible, so they are also handy when you need them. Interesting possibilities for a handy yet tidy storage of screw clamps can be found in this article.

Storage on the wall

In every workshop there are things that should be at hand. For all these things is well suited a workshop wall. It does not have to be an expensive, ready-made solution. You can also make workshop walls yourself, and equip them with exactly the brackets that you actually need.

forcing Regal

For the storage of screw clamps is best a so-called Zwingenregal. This is a strip that is mounted some distance from the wall. On this bar, the clamps are simply hung at the top.

The handles are fixed behind a second, parallel bar below so that the clamps can not fall out. You can still remove them quickly and with one hand - by simply touching them on the bar and pulling upwards.

So everything is stored safely and still fast and with one hand reachable (if you hold something with the other hand).

Screw box

Another option, of course, is to store smaller screw clamps in an open box. If there are only screw clamps in the box, they are quite easy to reach. The box can be placed open on the workbench, so that clamps are always easy and can be reached with one hand.

More expensive solutions are systainers or professional storage systems that can be optimized for different tools. For a hobby workshop that is rarely necessary - and usually too expensive.

Tips & Tricks

A workshop wall can be an exciting project when there is not much else to do. It also helps tremendously to make any subsequent work more enjoyable.

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