Extend a screw

It may happen that the thread length of a screw is too short. Under certain conditions, it is then possible to extend the thread of a screw. How you can extend a screw and what special features this brings, you can read below.

Ways to extend a screw thread

The length of screws is not always appropriate. Then you have several options to extend a screw:

  • Weld thread to the screw thread
  • Extend screw with special nuts
  • replace screw that is too short with longer screw

Weld threaded rod to existing screw

This is a method that is not available to every home improvement, as in the rarest cases, a welding device must be present. Moreover, welding a threaded rod does not do it.

First, the thread must be welded exactly, so that the threads fit together. That's a challenge already. Then the weld must be recut using a thread cutter. The effort is enormous and requires maximum precision.

Connect screw with special nuts

The specialist dealer offers flat elongated nuts, in which two threads can be screwed in and thus a thread extension can be made. Alternatively, you can use two conventional nuts of appropriate size.

Each of the two threads is turned into a nut. A nut is then rotated too far over the mother, so that the second thread can be turned on. Then both nuts on the screw are countered.

Extend longer screw instead of lengthening threads

However, this procedure has a significant disadvantage. The thread can not be used continuously, since the nuts are screwed on to extend the thread. Therefore, for most applications, it makes more sense to purchase a screw of the appropriate length and use it instead.

Use threaded rods that are available in any length

If you can not buy screws of the appropriate length, you can alternatively use threaded rods. These can be purchased by the meter. Then cut the threaded rod to the appropriate length. Follow the same procedure as when cutting conventional screws. Instead of the screw head, you can use two nuts, which you counter with each other.

Tips & Tricks

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