Use screw extractor: A guide

If screws can not be removed or torn off, the screw must nevertheless be removed. For this purpose, a screw extractor offers. Therefore, we have below created a guide for using a screw extractor for you.

Various solutions for broken screws

If a screw is round or broken, even if it just turns over empty, then it often becomes difficult with the removal of the screw. It often only helps to unscrew the broken screw with a special tool. The boring can be carried out under the following conditions:

  • Screw broken off in the threaded hole
  • Screw broken off and stands over
  • Screw turns through empty and is still with screw head

You should know that about the screw extractor

Generally, screw extractors are a good way to remove broken screws from a component. However, the use works only conditionally. Depending on the size of the screw, the remaining screw shank becomes thinner around the hole.

Screw extractors have the disadvantage that they push apart the screw in the bore area. This can screw a screw downright. Instead of a screw extractor, we recommend bolt extractors, which merely "catch" in the screw shank.

Step-by-step instructions for using a screw extractor

  • Broken screw in the component
  • Screw extractor in matching size
  • drilling machine
  • sharp metal drill of suitable size, preferably anti-clockwise
  • rust remover
  • hammer
  • hard, pointed grains
  • drilling oil

1. Preparatory work

First you have to graze the broken screw. Make sure that the grain is exactly centered.

2. Drill the screw

Now the screw is drilled at an adjusted speed. First with a small drill, then with a big drill. Use generously cutting or drilling oil for cooling.

3. Fit the extractor, unscrew the screw

Now the extractor is driven into the hole and then rotated. Turn a maximum of one quarter turn and then back the same distance. Then again a quarter turn further and back. Never turn in one go. Otherwise it could happen that the extractor in the screw breaks off too. This is made of hardened steel and is even more difficult to remove.

Tips & Tricks

Do not try to release an intact screw that is tight, not only with a lot of force (torque). Always prepare; For example, with rust remover, a few strokes on the screw or heating the screw.

Video Board: How to remove a damaged screw with a broken screw extractor