Screw in screw foundations - this is how it works

It does not always have to be a concrete foundation. Under certain conditions also screw foundations can be used. Depending on the size, there are several ways to screw in a screw foundation. Here you can read how it is done.

It does not always have to be a conventional concrete foundation

Certain building structures do not necessarily require a concrete foundation. Instead, so-called screw foundations can be screwed. These foundations are particularly suitable for structures whose load is limited even in unusual situations:

  • for attaching grids for fencing trees and bushes
  • for setting light fences
  • for setting up lightweight roofs with little or no wind load

Prerequisites: a well-compacted, not too rocky soil

However, the prerequisite is that the floor is also suitable. For example, a loose peat soil would be unsuitable. Solid, very dense organic soil, however, are well suited. Restrictions also exist when there are many large stones in the ground.

The tools for screwing in screw foundations

The screwing in the screw foundations is very simple. However, it requires the appropriate tool. For screwing in screw foundations either electric screwdrivers or manual screwing aids are used. Both tools are mounted on screw-in attachments, which were previously attached to the screw foundations. If you have the right tool or can borrow it, you can screw in the screw foundations yourself.

preparatory work

First, however, a smaller hole must be made with a corresponding drill. These very long and relatively strong drills can be mounted on a conventional, powerful drill. This pre-drilling is similar to that of other materials such as large holes in metal or wood.

Manual screwing and alignment of the screw foundations

There are also spirit levels that can be attached to the foundation piles. Even the machine to screw in works very slowly (a few revolutions per minute), so that at any time can be precisely controlled whether the pile is screwed in the water. Manual insertion aids are in principle long rods in order to achieve a corresponding leverage. Manual insertion aids are suitable for small to medium screw foundations.

Tips & Tricks

When buying the screw foundations, pay attention to a really high quality. It should be high quality galvanized steel screws. Keep in mind that the screw foundation has permanent contact with the ground and thus with water. If you use cheap, only badly galvanized screw foundations, corrosion will make sure that you have to renew the construction relatively soon.

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