Screwdrivers or screwdrivers - what's right?

Often home improvement and craftsmen discuss the correct name for a screwdriver or screwdriver. Basically, this is actually rather a discussion of the generations, because above all the older do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen know and use the term screwdriver still. What is really right, and why there are different names, we explain here.

Where does the term screwdriver come from?

Originally screws were screwed in the main in wood. This screwing was called at that time feeding or tightening. Therefore, the tool for pulling or tightening the screw was of course also referred to as a screwdriver. This language usage is therefore still common in the processing of wood. But he is not correct anymore.

DIN standards and craft regulations

In today's standards and specifications of the craft, there is only the term screwdriver. Some guilds even emphasize the correct use of the term screwdriver when examining apprentices. Just as in the German DIN standards, the term screwdriver is the only one still in use in ÖNORM in Austria.


You guessed it meanwhile, today the term screwdriver is the right one. Since in the 20th century screwing in often referred to masonry or iron and no longer solely to wood, the linguistic usage became another. Finally, a screw is turned once with a screwdriver and not pulled.

Slotted screwdriver - slotted screwdriver

For the first screws, the threads were filed by hand. So these screws were something very special and there was to "pulling" the screw only a slit on the head, which was rotated with a flat screwdriver.

At first, only flat-blade screwdrivers were in use. The other driving profiles on the screw heads came on the market much later.

  • screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Pozidriv Phillips
  • Hex Driver
  • Torx screwdriver

Tips & Tricks

It may be unfamiliar for a while, but we all have to change sometime and accept the newer term screwdriver. It is easier if you voluntarily get involved. Above all, it spares you annoying discussions with people who just need to know everything better.

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