Scroll saw comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the scroll saw comparison or test 2018

  • Scroll saws are the electrical variant of a fretsaw. You can saw precisely and very filigree wood.
  • When purchasing a scroll saw, be sure to set the speed. For a finer cut a lower speed should be set.
  • Scroll saws can be operated with normal fretsaw blades or with special scroll saw blades. To lock the saw blades, some models have a cross pin.

Scroll saw comparison 2018: comparison

According to a survey by the VuMA (Consumption and Media Analysis), about 31% of Germans make and tinker at least once a month. 3% of them pursue this hobby several times a week. These projects include not only the making of a garden bench from old Euro pallets, but also the fine sawing work with a scroll saw.

The electric fretsaw simplifies the filigree work on the wood uncommon - the effort is very low and the time required is reduced. If you buy a scroll saw, you should pay attention beforehand: power, speed, depth of cut and accessories. What exactly is meant by which saw blades are needed for a scroll saw and how this saw works, we reveal in our scroll saw comparison 2018.

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1. The improved jigsaw: less power, less time spent

The fretsaw is usually a smaller saw, which has a very narrow and thin saw blade. It can not only cut in a straight line, but also in curves. This allows the fretsaw to cut even fine patterns in the wood. While working with this fine saw requires a lot of time, patience and strength, the electric jigsaw is a great help in modeling.

What is a scroll saw?

Scroll saw comparison 2018: scroll

The saw takes its name from the French word découper owe what cut out or cut means. The mechanical version of the jigsaw is used for fine cuts of various materials (wood, metal, plastic). Especially in modeling the saw finds its use, as it can also cut inside surfaces filigree and precise.

The saw blades of the scroll saw are often the same length as the jigsaw blades (130 mm). However, there are also special scroll saw blades,which are attached with a cross pin to lock the leaves, In order to use jigsaw blades, it usually takes an adapter for the device, but most manufacturers ship it with their product.

The scroll saw consists of a motor, an arm to pick up the saw blade, a blowing device to remove the sawdust and a table on which the machine is mounted. This table can also be tilted by 45° for certain woodwork.

Nowadays, the scroll sawing forums on the Internet are no longer just for sharing or suggestions - the hobbyists share their projects in the form of photos and pass on their templates for scroll saws. Especially popular is the Production of the own Schwibbogen, which decorates and illuminates the window at Christmas time.

Not only the scroll saw can be used to cut certain shapes - even a jigsaw can be used for this work. However, the jigsaw can not cut so finely. In addition, the leadership of the saw is associated with a force that does not arise in the electric jigsaw. Which saws are still suitable for cutting or cutting wood, we have listed in the following table.


Scroll saw comparison 2018: scroll

  • suitable for thin wood panels, sheets, plastic sheets (up to 6 mm)
  • can saw curves and fine patterns
  • handy and independent of location
  • requires strength and time

Scroll saw comparison 2018: scroll

  • suitable for wood, thin sheets, plastic, plasterboard
  • can saw curves and incisions
  • handy and location-dependent (power; cordless jigsaw is location-independent)
  • Cuts not as thin and filigree as with scroll saw
band saw

Scroll saw comparison 2018: 2018

  • suitable for wood (up to 8 cm high)
  • can cut corners and curves
  • location-dependent machine
  • does not produce filigree cuts
chop saw

Scroll saw comparison 2018: saws

  • suitable for wood (especially: parquet, moldings, boards)
  • Shortens material precisely
  • transportable machine
  • produces angle cuts but no fine cuts
circular saw

Scroll saw comparison 2018: saws

  • suitable for wood, plastic, metal, natural stone, building materials
  • cuts materials precisely
  • location-dependent machine
  • not suitable for fine cuts

Note: When handling electric saws, you should always be extra careful and wear protective clothing. You should have at least one Wear safety goggles to protect yourself from the splinters.

The following Advantages and disadvantages arise for the scroll saw compared to other saw types:

  • fast and easy fretsawing (filigree cuts)
  • precise interior cuts
  • easy handling and less time
  • Cutting depth up to 50 mm
  • low volume for an electric saw (70 - 80 dB)
  • localized (electricity)
  • not suitable for higher materials (over 5 cm)

2. Purchasing advice for scroll saws: You must pay attention to this

Scroll saw comparison 2018: speed

Decorations on furniture are also made with a scroll saw.

Each model has certain criteria that you should look out for to be efficient and long lasting. Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a scroll saw test, so we can not present any test criteria to which the testing institute attaches particular importance.

In our purchase advice, we explain, however, what are the categories Power, speed, table surface, cutting depth and accessories arrives.

2.1. The performance - for hobbyists enough 75 - 120 watts

The specified wattage of the manufacturer indicates the recording power of the device. A higher number is not always synonymous with a better product. If the transmission of the motor to the blade is inadequate, the power absorbed can not be fully transmitted to the blade. Scroll saw tests have shown that sufficient for the hobby needs or for beginners 75 - 120 watts.

Scroll saw comparison 2018: saws

Inlays are made either with a fretsaw or a scroll saw.

However, if you want to tackle larger projects (eg model making), then devices with 200 watts are also worthwhile. Such powerful scroll saws are made for example by Proxxon. For beginners, beginners or amateur hobbyists worthwhile saws by Hegner (for example, the model Multicut) or Scheppach with a power of about 100 watts.

2.2. The speed - For precise fine cuts a low speed is advisable

The speed of the scroll saw determines the speed at which the saw blade moves. The higher the speed, the faster you can work. However, precise cuts often require less speed because high speed leads to inaccurate cuts.

On the best scroll saws, you can steplessly regulate the speed to always have the perfect sawing speed. Cheap scroll saws (eg from Aldi or Lidl) usually do not have this setting. Borrow an electric jigsaw, and pay attention to this feature with these devices. Various hardware stores (eg Obi, Globus, Hornbach or Bauhaus) usually also offer a scroll saw in your tool rental.

2.3. The saw table - For long wood is a large table surface

Scroll saw comparison 2018: comparison

Small toys or decorative items can be made with a scroll saw.

The area of ​​the scroll saw table should be larger if you also want to edit larger projects (eg a candle arch). By the larger footprint will make it easier to follow the records or model instructionsbecause you have more space to turn the wood on the scroll saw blade. For example, many Einhell models offer you a large workspace.

2.4. Depth of cut - The wood may be high at a maximum of 5 cm

The depth of cut, which is specified by the manufacturers, usually refers only to wood. A potential one Scroll saw test winner has about 50 mm depth of cut and can thus saw wood that is up to 5 cm thick. The cutting depth of other materials is usually lower (plastic 30 mm, metal 10 mm). If you only want to cut thin wood, a scroll saw with a cutting depth of 40 mm is also sufficient.

2.5. Useful accessories - blower and work light

A blowing device on the scroll saw ensures that the incurred sawdust be removed from the countertopso that the template is better visible and so you can not hurt yourself on coarser splinters. In this device, the room air is drawn (without heating or cooling) and then blown through a hose on the table.

With a work light you can use your scroll saws template and to better illuminate the material to be processed, to avoid errors. Mostly they are operated with LED lamps.

Scroll saw comparison 2018: 2018

Softwoods (e.g., pine, beech) and hardwoods (e.g., birch, ash) can be worked with the scroll saw.

In order to be able to cut out as precise and precise shapes as possible, it is important that the scroll saw has a secure footing. Due to the high weight (between 15 and 20 kg) prevents the device from slipping or tipping over easily, Although lighter devices (2 kg) are easy to transport, they are not very stable. We therefore recommend that you buy one of the heavier electric jigsaws.

If your saw has a defect, you can buy scroll saw spare parts in many DIY stores. Even used scroll saws can serve as a spare part device.

3. Questions and answers on the subject of scroll saws

3.1. What can you use a scroll saw?

The scroll saw is used in model making,to cut out complex and filigree patterns and shapes, Also for wood decorations of any kind, cutting with an electric jigsaw is recommended. There are now many templates for scroll saws on the Internet. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. In the following video you see the production of a few donkeys as a Christmas decoration.

tip: Do not forget yours Sand the decoration againTo eliminate possible splinters before using them.

3.2. How much is a good scroll saw?

Scroll saws are already available from 60 Euro to buy. However, these cheap saws (eg from Berlan) often produce dirty cuts. Products of the brands Proxxon, Hegner and Scheppach are known for their good quality and processing. Beginner scroll saws are manufactured by Vario and Einhell and are in the mid-price segment. From the well-known manufacturer Bosch there are indeed some saws (circular saw, jigsaw, saber saw), but still no electric jigsaw.

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