Scroll saw or band saw in the home area?

When it comes to the purchase of a saw in addition to the proven jigsaw, you are often faced with the decision: scroll saw or band saw? What is more worthwhile of both, and whether possibly another saw makes sense, you will learn in detail in this post.

Saws in the household

The jigsaw is certainly the universal device for home improvement. With her almost all work can be done. Only disadvantages are:

  • exactly straight cuts are not possible (this is due to their structure)
  • With very fine shapes, the jigsaw often reaches its limits
  • with high material thicknesses (thick plates) or hard materials working is difficult
  • For very long cutting lengths the jigsaw is definitely unsuitable.

To compensate for these disadvantages, a saw would be necessary with which one

  • can also cut larger material thicknesses
  • even over longer distances clean straight cuts hinbekommt
  • can do very fine work

scroll saw

A scroll saw allows exactly straight cuts, and especially very fine and exact work. Round saw blades can also be used to cut out exact curves and sections of a circle. Special saw blades also allow the sawing of plastic plates or metal plates.

Disadvantage: for high material thicknesses, the scroll saw is not suitable, nor for very long cuts in large workpieces. In addition, you can rebuild the jigsaw for scroll saw for little money.

band saw

The band saw, however, is also suitable for coarser cuts (depending on their size). With appropriate size, boards and beams can be well separated. In addition, in the band saw usually very low operating noise, tilt-adjustable work tables also allow 45° cuts.

The band saw is therefore practically the all-rounder for many jobs. But especially fine work can not always be done (again depending on the size).

Alternative: Dipping saw or circular saw

Those who value clean, straight cuts, and sometimes have to do coarser jobs, should ideally purchase a good diving saw.

It is ideal for this purpose and can be installed in a table if necessary, so that you also have a circular saw when you need it (especially for long cuts practically).

Tips & Tricks

In many cases, therefore, the most useful equipment is an extension set from the jigsaw to the scroll saw (costs around 40 EUR) and in addition a diving saw, which can also be installed in a table if required.

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