Jigsaw templates

For working with the fretsaw, scroll saw and jigsaw

Jigsaw templates: jigsaw

Working with wood is one of the secret favorites of the home improvement scene. No wonder: Even at school, dealing with jigsaw and Co. is part of art or work lessons.

From jigsaw templates, pieces are made for festive occasions and given to dear Mama for the home decoration. Thus, tinkering with wood has become a particularly creative activity. Natural products not only radiate a special shine, they are also durable.

We offer a large number of incentives, ideas and instructions with templates for woodwork. Depending on your needs, use the scroll saw, jigsaw, jigsaw, poke saw or band saw. Of course, all crafting instructions are free.

  • Cutting templates: Christmas woodwork
  • Cutting templates: Build Schwibbogen yourself
  • Cutting templates: crafts with wood

  • Building a Nativity Scene: blueprint for an oriental nativity scene
  • Book Review: Fretwork for Christmas
  • Large jigsaw comparison test

Stand-up figures, standing figures and welcome figures

  • "Nicholas as a bouncer [PDF]

    Print template with instructions for a big Santa Claus as a bouncer made of wood
  • "Template for Santa Claus

    Print template for a wooden Santa Claus with a sack as a stand
  • "Santa Claus with reindeer sledge

    Great Christmas decoration made of wood: Santa Claus with reindeer sled as a stand - Selection guide with print templates
  • "Santa Claus stand with sack and candy canes

    Jigsaw template for a Santa Claus with a sack as an exhibitor and a candy cane string
  • "Snowman made of chipboard

    with knit sweater, hat and gloves. The ideal garden decoration.
  • "Santa Claus stand

    Simple instructions with three print templates for a Santa Claus stand made of wood, decorated with sack and tail
  • "Wooden Santa Claus with Advent calendar

    Elaborate crafting instructions for a large wooden statue of Nicholas with a jute sack, from which children can extract 24 surprises on strings. Blueprint with cutting template as download. For advanced home improvement.
  • "Christmas stand: snowman, fir trees, Santa Claus and moose

    Build and paint festive Christmas wooden displays with a jigsaw.
  • "Snowman in the country style

    Snowman with cowboy hat and buttons of colored wooden hearts. Winter wooden display with candle or tealight holder
  • "Penguin standing figurine made of wood

    With cap: made of poplar wood with acrylic paint and scroll saw
  • "Spring wind brushes windmill

    Decorative Dutch display with windmill, trees and grass
  • "Easy-care cat as a stand

    with curly whiskers nice welcome without cat hair
  • "Mice idyll for the windowsill

    Small mice for the kitchen resting in the grass and on mushrooms
  • "Little chicks as a stand

    Instructions for chick stand-up cuddling with a frog or mini-chick. Suitable for the scroll saw.
  • "Two wooden houses with tealight

    Decorated by little colorful birds and foam rubber - for outdoors
  • "Dwarf with tealight lantern

    made of plywood and wire for balcony or terrace
  • "Sitting Teddy with basket

    as a storage for small items or small gifts as a souvenir
  • "Flowerpot with blooming flowers

    Timeless decoration for the winter garden all made of wood
  • "Colorful girls to put down

    with basket hair and pigtails bucket and flowers
  • "Snowman" Snowflakes for Sale "

    Snowman as a wooden snowball seller - Winter welcome decoration for the front door or window
  • "Cute snowman

    with illuminated Christmas tree in the snow provides winter atmosphere and light in the dark season
  • "Indian elephants made of wood

    decorated with scrapbook paper. With template and instructions for printing
  • "Flower girl made of wood

    Summer wooden easel scroll saw or jigsaw
  • "Friendly wood witch with raven

    Made of spruce and plywood with emery paper and saws
  • "Little crow with three pumpkins

    made of plywood on nest of raffia with wooden shashlik skewers
  • "Wood scarecrow with crow

    Easy-to-make fretsaw from only five parts
  • "Birdhouses for decoration

    Decorative bird houses, easy to make for beginners with jigsaw or scroll saw. Instructions with construction sketch. These birdhouses are not suitable as real nesting boxes.
  • "Scary Pumpkin Trio

    with drybrushing technique. Free craft template
  • "Halloween Wood Ghost" Boo "

    Make wooden ghost out of plywood yourself and paint with acrylic paint or craft paint. Instructions with free template for printing
  • "Scarecrow and pumpkins

    A bit of autumn for the windowsill medium project for 1-2 days
  • "Christmas decoration

    Tips and instructions for Christmas decorations: tree decorations, table and window decoration, stand and lanterns made of different materials.
  • "Chunky Snowman

    Sturdy snowman with candy cane Instructions and template as PDF
  • "Three Snow Buddies

    Three simple friendly snow-scrapers to set up with instructions in five parts
  • "Happy Holidays Snowman

    Great snowman with the best wishes for a beautiful Christmas season
  • "Gingerbread" Love is homemade "

    Gingerbread man to set up with room for a beautiful saying
  • "Snowman made of cardboard and wood

    Snowman stand for the winter decoration on the door. - Crafting instructions

Mobiles, hangers, window pictures and flower plugs

  • "Angel-Mobilé

    Crafting instructions for a mobilé made of small, painted wood angels. With free jigsaw templates as a download.
  • "Santa with stars Mobilé

    Building instructions for Mobilé with a Santa Claus and two wooden stars including jigsaw templates
  • "Snowflakes from wood residues

    with textured snow and glitter powder for hanging or as a coaster
  • "Snowman with a cozy, warm hat

    Wooden snowman with fleece hat bow as fir tree decoration
  • "Christmas flower plugs

    Crafting instructions for Christmas flower plugs with the motives: Two angels, nutcracker, Santa Claus. With jigsaw templates for printing.
  • "Flower plug for bed

    Make plugs with flower made of plywood and peg skewers. That brings color to the flowerbed.


  • "Kaufmannsladen and Punch and Judy in one

    Illustrated step-by-step guide with all the important information.
  • "Simple doll bed

    made of wood with decorated head and foot section.
  • "Duck made of wood

    Dancing duck as a puppet. With templates for printing.
  • "Wooden chess pieces

    Instructions and templates.
  • "Swing for children

    Toddler swing for hanging and folding. With blueprint, pictures and measurements.
  • "Rabbit made of wood

    Easter bunny pulls a big Easter basket on wheels. Crafting instructions with artwork for wood cuts.
  • "Truck with trailer and wooden ladder [PDF]

    Detailed instructions for a toy truck with trailer for DIY.
  • "Motorcycle as a seesaw

    Motorcycle as an original rocking horse - Demanding home improvement work with material list and blueprints.
  • "Puzzle box

    Wooden box with hidden mechanism to open
  • "Do you know where the gnats live?

    In the flowerpot with miniature furniture! and mini-dishes. A cute decoration idea!
  • "Simple garage for game cars

    Crafting instructions for garage with movable garage door for toy cars
  • "Colorful carport with loft

    Make a colorful carport for play cars made of poplar wood and screw together
  • "Money box with cheese and mice

    Thanks to the viewing window, the savings can be viewed
  • "Dollhouse for figurines

    in Playmobil size, made of wood, chipboard, wallpaper
  • "A 3-D plywood arc of light

    Dutch landscape with windmill, flowers and bicycle.
  • "Napkin holder or letter holder

    Small wooden birds on leaf hold important things together
  • "Bookend - Knut, the polar bear

    Bookshelf for the nursery to make wood remnants
  • "Cool Pinboard

    Round pinboard made of cork with frame in cow motif
  • "Homemade wooden puzzle

    Construction manual for a homemade wooden puzzle with name. Individual gift for birth or for the first birthday
  • "Rocking polar bear with fur

    Polar bear as rocking horse or flower stool with real plush fur on the back
  • "Congratulatory Notes Tree

    Build a tree of plywood and equip it with green notebooks with congratulations. Simple construction manual for a communion gift.
  • "Complete doll bed

    decorated with decoupage technique with mattress, pillows and blanket
  • "Build rocking horse out of wood

    Here you will find a clear construction manual for a rocking horse made of wood
  • "A magnificent dollhouse

    with stairs, furniture and many details with blueprints
  • "Dollhouse with half-timbered facade

    with material list, cross sections and views
  • "The own puppet house

    Ornate dollhouse with elevator and outside stairs - instructions with blueprint, different views and details
  • "Stable elegant rocking horse

    Beautiful rocking horse made of spruce laminated wood and beech with craft templates, photos and material list
  • "Build a Marble racer

    Wooden ball track with different ramps and paths to build yourself
  • "Dollhouse with half-timbered facade

    with material list, cross sections and views
  • "Wardrobe and cradle for dollhouses

    Construction manual for a doll's cradle and doll's wardrobe
  • "Hobbyhorse made of wood

    Instructions with grid template for transferring for a hobby horse made of wood. Blueprint is resizable
  • "A scooter for rocking

    Swing scooter instead of rocking horse plans with grid division
  • "The Jenga Pistol (Version 1-3)

    Building instructions for toy crossbows made of wood, to remove the wooden blocks in the game of skill "Jenga"
  • "Elephant Pull Toy

    Build elephant for pulling from wood - With templates for printing
  • "Elephant Pull Toy

    Elephant to move on With templates for printing
  • "Locomotive for desk utensils [PDF]

    Craft locomotive made of spruce wood and plywood as a pen holder and for other desk utensils.

Nursery Lamps

  • "Hello Kitty slumber lamp

    Sawed and varnished from plywood board.
  • "Winnie the Pooh lamp

    Made of MDF boards and painted.
  • "Build night lamp

    made of plywood with fairy lights. Cloud with crescent and sleeping mouse.
  • "Lamp with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

    Made of laminated wood, approx. 80 cm high. With moving ears and a bright heart.
  • "SpongeBob Squarepants Lamp

    50-cm large-sawing.
  • "Bob the Builder Lamp

    made of chipboard, painted with acrylics and decorated with a string of lights.
  • "Build wall lamp

    made of wood and Plexiglas in size 25 x 25 cm.

Handicraft instructions, tips and collections

  • "Oriental Nativity

    Build crib with Star of Bethlehem from laminated wood. - A weekend project for the Advent season.
  • "Build your own skateboard

    wooden. A step by step guide
  • "Letters of wood

    Do it yourself, pretty for the nursery
  • "Wooden cake<

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