Exfoliate yourself

Exfoliate yourself

Exfoliate yourself: ingredients

Do a wash scrub, a facial peel or a body scrub yourself? Whatever: In principle, anyone can do an exfoliation themselves. Everything you need can be found in your kitchen.

One thing all peels have in common, one or more of the ingredients provides the abrasion or detachment of dead skin cells so-called skin scales. In addition, nourishing supplements for soothing, for refatting or natural disinfection against possible inflammations are included.

Who makes his own exfoliation, who determines for what or against which it should be effective. Doing an exfoliation yourself against pimples means focusing on cleansing and antiseptic ingredients. If you want to make a facial peel yourself, you will choose more gentle home remedies than the one who wants to make a scrub for hands.

Possible ingredients for a scrub

The trend towards DIY skin, beauty and hair care products is strong. The scandals surrounding silicones and the spread of allergies and intolerances support this development - as well as increasing environmental awareness in our society. We like to know what's in our food. So why should not we want to know what's in the cosmetic products we use every day?

At the same time, it is very popular to make gifts yourself. We give ourselves back home made to give special care and appreciation. Jams, chutneys, home-made and home-made care products.

A scrub promises a bit of wellness in everyday life. After an exfoliation, the skin is ideally deeply cleansed, rosy and soft. An even better feeling when you know that your exfoliant contains neither colorings nor preservatives nor contributes to microplastic invasion in our seas

Required tools:

Exfoliate yourself: yourself

Put together the ingredients for the exfoliation yourself
  • Bowl for mixing
  • Cutlery, grater, slicer, grater
  • different empty b-containers

Usable ingredients:

  • Coffee grounds, ground coffee
  • coarse salt
  • sugar
  • powdered sugar
  • honey
  • Heilerde
  • Almond bran, ground almonds
  • rosemary
  • Papaya, pineapple, apple
  • Camomile tea
  • Yogurt, quark
  • Coconut milk or coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, 100% all-natural essential oils such as lemon oil, orange oil

Step 1: Make exfoliation yourself - put together your own recipe

The question as to which task the self-made peeling should fulfill is the first step towards the right composition of your own recipe.

Please note the following tips:

  • The finer and more delicate the skin, the finer and gentler the ingredients you choose.
  • Dry skin needs either as an ingredient or after care by, for example, oils.
  • Make a scrub for oily skin with yoghurt or cottage cheese rather than with greasy oils.
  • Allergy sufferers should also try pure natural products in one place on the forearm. - Allergies do not just affect artificial ingredients.
  • Rosemary and coffee have a stimulating effect on the blood flow. Those who are prone to redness, they should avoid specifically for the face.
  • The durability of homemade peels depends on what is included. While sugar or salt with coconut oil is relatively long-lasting, all mixtures containing dairy products, fruits, teas or herbs should be consumed directly.
  • Exfoliation how often to use? Excessive use of scrubs accelerates skin aging. Depending on the skin and skin area, the right amount is 1 to 2 times a week up to 1 time a month.
  • After scrubs that contain no oils or dairy products, necessarily use the appropriate care.
  • Exfoliation how long to act? In the use of fruits, it takes time for the enzymes to break down the proteins of the dead cells. But a few minutes are enough.
  • Exfoliation itself in the face always means: to spare hair, eyes and mouth.
  • When exfoliating yourself with sugar is important to note: sugar is relatively sharp, not rub too hard. Dodge icing sugar on sensitive areas.
  • Peeling yourself with salt is less sharp-edged than with coarse sugar or, the salt is very quickly round-grained - ideal for a body scrub.
skin problemSuitable ingredients for own recipes
Exfoliate yourself against pimples and blemishesHealing earth, honey, tea tree oil, 100% all-natural essential oils such as lemon oil, orange oil, rosemary, papaya, pineapple, apple, chamomile tea, yogurt, quark, powdered sugar, sugar coarse salt
Exfoliate yourself when dry skinHoney, coconut milk or coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, almond bran, powdered sugar, sugar coarse salt
Exfoliate yourself with oily skinHealing earth, 100% all-natural essential oils such as lemon oil, orange oil, papaya, pineapple, apple, chamomile tea, yogurt, quark, powdered sugar, sugar coarse salt
Exfoliate yourself on sensitive skin
Powdered sugar, honey, coconut oil
Exfoliate yourself in poorly perfused skinPapaya, pineapple, apple, powdered sugar, healing earth, honey, remaining ingredients according to the skin type
Coffee, rosemary, coarse salt sugar, icing sugar, remaining ingredients like other skin type
Exfoliate yourself for the face
Exfoliate yourself against the corneaFruits as pretreatment. All oils with coarse sugar or salt to peel.
Exfoliate yourself as a scrub
Liquid soap with the ingredients for the specific skin type
Scrub yourself for the hands
Sugar, all oils, honey,
Make exfoliation yourself as a giftMaking a scrub for yourself means making a more durable scrub. So make a scrub yourself from coconut oil with coarse sugar or salt.

Step 2: Bring everything to room temperature

The ingredients should all have the same temperature - at least room temperature, but do not overheat, it will lose too many active ingredients.

Step 3: Make scrubs yourself - preparation

If it is - as in the pictures exemplary - a scrub to be, comes first the liquid soap (about 2 tablespoons for a body scrub, a teaspoon for a small area such as elbow, face or hands) and then the remaining ingredients into it. Stir well and add more solids if possible for a consistency that is not too fluid. If the consistency is too firm, simply add a tablespoon of water or oil. Do not stir for minutes with salt or sugar, so they do not dissolve.

Exfoliate yourself: yourself

Begin washing scrub with liquid soap.

Exfoliate yourself: exfoliate

Lemon has an antiseptic effect and makes the peeling more durable.

Exfoliate yourself: skin

Coffee peels and stimulates blood circulation

Exfoliate yourself: skin

Sugar ensures the abrasion

Exfoliate yourself: exfoliate

Honey nourishes, calms, antiseptic

Step 4: Make scrubs yourself - Fill

If it is not consumed immediately, pour into a sealable container and consume in a timely manner, using perishable ingredients.

Good luck with and with the DIY scrub!

Exfoliate yourself: exfoliate

Fill in closable containers

Exfoliate yourself: yourself

Mix everything to a pulp

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