Making sea animals - fish, crabs, dolphins and more

Making sea animals - fish, crabs, dolphins and more: making

The earth's surface is covered by more than two thirds of water. Yet we know little about the seas and their inhabitants. There are many things to discover, such as tiny crabs, friendly dolphins or huge shoals of fish.

whoMake sea animals wants, finds on this topic page in the following a large link selection to free Bastelanleitungen in the Internet. This makes it possible to tinker mobiles, window pictures and many other decorations. A nice change for boring holidays or vacations.

We hope you enjoy browsing and crafting!

Table of contents on the subject of marine animals

  • Table of contents on the subject of marine animals
  • Make fish
  • Handicraft instructions: whale, dolphin and shark
  • Crafting templates: crayfish, octopus and Co.

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Make fish

Make fish from honeycomb paper

Crafting instructions for paper fish with honeycomb paper. Three instructions: clownfish, surgeon fish and lemon jugglers. Illustrated instructions and craft video.
at Papierportal

Colorful fish [PDF]

sewn from four parts
at Isa'stuce


tinker with pearls. An instruction
at nolatari.heimat

Blue doctorfish

Blue doctor fish from the Disney movie "Finding Nemo" tinker
at nolatari.heimat

Colorful fish: window picture

with template for printing made of colorful tissue paper
at Bastelideen

Paper fish pendant

in metal look: with clear coat, cotton wool and scrapbook paper
at Bastelparadies

Fish from banknotes

Make fish from banknotes and give away. An illustrated folding instructions for great gifts of money
at The Bastelparadies

Tinker colorful fish

colored squares folding instructions with pictures
at Bastelparadies

Japanese kite fish

So you make a Japanese dragonfish made of colored cardboard, tracing paper or tissue paper
at The Bastelparadies


from fairy-tale wool
at tasteln-gestalten

Paper mache fish

Make a craft manual yourself.
at creadoo

Hook rail sea

Attach clothespins to plywood for hanging
at Kid's Action

Fold fish

Fish folded out of paper. Detailed instructions for a paper fish from a square sheet of paper.
at Kiki's web


Make fish out of pearls. There is a manual
at kikisweb

Colorful folding fish

Origami instruction with sketches. Nice for collages
at World of Kids Games

Origami - On the Water, Under Water [PDF]

Swans: over water Fish: under water
fold on paper

Flying fish as a wind chime [PDF]

Elaborate wind chime with flying dragonfish made of waterproof Tyvek film for indoors and outdoors
at UHUSprache: German

Maritime plug [PDF]

Photocard with napkin technique
at UHUSprache: German

Handicraft instructions: whale, dolphin and shark


It's so easy to make a Narwhal in 3-D with rubber bands
at Loom Love

Dolphin made of rubber bands

Video tutorial on crocheting a dolphin with rubber bands
at YouTube

Make a whale

Origami-crafting instructions for a whale easy - also suitable for beginners
at Bastelparadies

Delfin tinker and fold

with tail fins and pectoral fins - demanding
at Bastelparadies

Whales and dolphins

make your own with beads
at eksuccessbrands

Crafting templates: crayfish, octopus and Co.


with four legs
at Hooly.over-blog

Octopus stuffed animal

Crafting instructions for small squid from a balloon and felt. Illustrated step-by-step instructions. Suitable for elementary school children
at Drachenstübchen Blog

Octopus Piñata

Crafting instructions for a piñata in the form of an octopus or octopus. Illustrated manual.
at Disney

Princess Ariel

with seahorses
at Personalized Party Invites

Funny octopus

do it Yourself. An instruction
at tinkered-

Making seafood

Fold small crab or crab out of a paper sheet
at Bastelparadies

Hook rail sea

Attach clothespins to plywood for hanging
at Kid's Action

Perlentier - crab trailer

from colorful little beads. Instructions for a crab out
at Kid's Action

Folding Seahorses [pdf] [PDF]

Instructions based on sketch for advanced hobbyists
fold on paper

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