Seawater aquarium build yourself - 3 tips

If you have chosen the beautiful hobby to operate a saltwater aquarium, you quickly come to the conclusion to build the aquarium itself. For a marine aquarium otherwise quickly increase the cost in dizzy heights. In addition, saltwater aquariums should always be selected significantly larger than conventional freshwater aquariums. Here are three important tips.

Stable substructure

Gas concrete or Ytong is the most popular building material for the substructure in aquarium construction and that has its reasons. Once the gas concrete block has been sealed, moisture can no longer harm it. So if a water damage caused by a leaking joint occur, then not even the substructure of the marine aquarium with damaged. Particleboard would quickly dissolve or bend and become unstable at the same time.

Joints and corners

A pool with many angles and corners may look interesting, but also offers plenty of room for mistakes and leaks. In a first self-built pool, you should build strictly rectangular. If the pool is to be particularly large, glass struts should be used. So the stability is better preserved, if later much water presses against the discs.

Plan building site

Actually, this should of course be the first tip. But most aquarists have very specific ideas about where the pelvis should be. We just want to encourage you to check this place again for its suitability.

Consider how big the saltwater aquarium should be, and for a few days place the complete area in the desired location up to the planned upper level of the pool. If you have a cramped impression, we will stay there later when the pool is filled.

Important points for the right place:

  • Sockets available?
  • no sunshine
  • not next to the heater or the stove
  • if possible not in the passage area
  • no noise

Tips & Tricks

If the seawater aquarium runs well, it will be too small in a short time. Therefore, plan considerably larger than originally thought. When it comes to marine aquarium a pool can hardly be too big, even the otherwise rather disagreeable aquarists are even in complete agreement. In each post you will read that a marine aquarium is actually always too small.

Video Board: EASY saltwater aquarium setup