The seawater aquarium - living underwater world

A seawater aquarium, or saltwater aquarium, offers a breathtaking view of a world of corals, anemones and fish when it runs perfectly. Such an exciting landscape can be seen at most when diving or in the cinema. But it's not that easy to keep a seawater aquarium so beautiful and comfortable.


Since the different elements in a saltwater aquarium are much more sensitive than in a freshwater aquarium, the workload is higher. The water values ​​must be well adapted to the sensitive flora and fauna in the basin and constantly monitored.


Since a seawater pool is quite large in most cases, a stable base cabinet is needed. The conventional cabinets, which are in the apartments, are not enough there and will collapse under the heavy weight.

So either a high-quality aquarium cabinet must be purchased to match the pool size or the aquarist must self-reinforce a base cabinet. This is quite easy with gas concrete blocks, but also expensive.


After the movie Nemo saltwater aquariums celebrated the absolute climax in their popularity. But many new aquarists overlooked how difficult the attitude of the precious inhabitants can be. While in a normal aquarium any plants with almost all fish harmonize, here the plant world should be adapted to the origin of the fish. The cute clownfish Nemo, for example, should never have to live without anemones.

In addition, care should also be taken with the fish groups that the fish have a similar origin. This contributes to a harmony in the aquarium and at the same time serves the health of the animals. Because the most harmful thing in an aquarium is stress. Fish from different regions and compulsorily socialized are susceptible to diseases and parasites due to stress.

  • same region of origin
  • same water temperature
  • similar species / do not combine predatory fish with slow swimmers
  • Adapt plants to fish species

Difficulty high

As you have already seen, tuning the individual elements in a saltwater aquarium is not easy. As a beginner, you should definitely contact an experienced aquarist with a saltwater aquarium to get tips and get to know the process.

Go through water changes and water tests with this experienced aquarist and learn what to do about water problems or sick fish.

  • water quality
  • Compilation of animals and plants
  • salinity
  • temperature
  • lighting

Price question

A saltwater aquarium can easily cost ten times more than a freshwater pool of the same size. In addition, a higher maintenance and significantly more expensive residents in the basin. So the saltwater aquarium is clearly a very expensive and labor-intensive hobby.

In addition, in a marine aquarium, the size of the pelvis is even more noticeable as an advantage. In this category, an aquarium with 300 liters of water is considered small. Nevertheless, the acquisition costs for the pool and the extensive technology already easily come to 2,000 euros.

In addition there are the living stones as well as plants, corals and anemones. Then fish must be purchased. Thus, the cost of the ready-made saltwater aquarium can reach even at this small size of 4,000 euros. Of course, that also depends on the animals chosen.

These points increase the prices for a marine aquarium:

  • Beck size
  • flow pump
  • filter pumps
  • lighting
  • osmosis system
  • Eiweißabschäumer
  • living rock / reef rock
  • corals
  • fishes

This is how it continues:

How easy even a beginner can set up a beautiful aquarium, if a complete system is used and what you should pay attention to when buying, we will show you here in the next article.

Video Board: SEA Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore