Sealed laminate for a durable floor

Why is laminating really so important when manufacturers promise to have done so already in the finishing of the floorboards? When the effort is worthwhile and which of the technologies you have to choose from, you will experience it in the usual easily understandable way.

Laminate sealing - preferably right after laying

Beautiful, modern, insensitive and easy-care, are the features that you want from a floor covering. High-quality laminate can hardly be distinguished from the parquet with its authentic wood decors, but in comparison pretty sensitive to moisture, What is more obvious than to use one of the much-vaunted waxes, oils and miracle products and seal with laminate, to achieve a longer life, Ideally, this refinement does not happen until the first signs of wear on the surface are visible, but immediately after installation.

What to do when laminating is NOT achieved

Occasionally, DIY enthusiasts hope that with the help of surefire home remedies and exotic mixtures, unpleasant scratches and cracks on the surface layer will disappear and become invisible forever. It will probably work with no, and not even the most expensive means of eliminating the scratched legacy of the favorite kitten. Instead of wanting to seal your laminate, you'd better do it with the claws of the "house-tiger". And by the way, you'll find that mainly at brand manufacturers, are the slightly higher-priced laminate flooring already sealed at the factory, but with a view to the protection against moisture inclusions during normal use. In addition, wetness, as it often occurs in too well-meant wet wiping promoted a swelling of the floorboards with the ugly dislocations that quickly become a stumbling block.

A short excursion to the production and installation of laminate

Laminate flooring - we have already described this in a detailed article - basically exists at least three layersthat are glued together. However, the cutting edges remain technologically unprotected on the side and are therefore particularly susceptible to liquids. Even more favorable is the inclusion of moisture in that the laminate floor is usually not glued to the ground, but more or less just lying on it. Thus, we can only think of the wiping water, each Amount of moisture under the floorboards form and propagate freely. Laminating is therefore not a measure for mechanical protection of the floor, but essentially against the unwanted ingress of liquids.

Seal common tools while laminating

In principle, be the following three types of industrially manufactured products, which are suitable for sealing laminate flooring:

  • Oils, pastes, creams (more characteristic care products)
  • Solvent-containing waxes
  • Nano sealants
  • Special sealants of laminate manufacturers

As diverse as the consistencies and ingredients of the chemical, sometimes even natural, products are the processing instructions, tools, and other equipment that you need to work on, so unfortunately we can not go into detail. However, priority should always be given to precisely sealing the products to the laminate, which recommends the manufacturer binding, This will avoid costly damage to your new flooring, which can easily lead to any warranty claims, no matter what kind, can no longer be asserted.

Nano sealants for laminate

Sounds in any case already very high quality, associate such funds but equal to the Lotus Effect, which lets all liquids, just like the plants in the garden or the expensive coated house roof, simply roll off completely automatically. A manufacturer of such sealant for laminate writes on its online portal that: "Test results show that Keep nano-sealed surfaces up to 30 percent longerwhen this cleaner is used. "Let's take a closer look into matter.

Technical data of the agent:

  • Price: 28.99 euros per liter
  • Yield: three times (number required!) For 12 to 15 square meters
  • Drying time: one to three hours per order
  • Required material: floor slide, high-speed polishing machine + conventional means for floor pre- and post-cleaning

Seal laminate technology:

  • Pre-cleaning (with proprietary) Nano-cleaner or traditional household cleaner
  • Repeated pre-treatment with alcoholic pre-cleaner
  • Three times the nano-sealing (not below 10° C room temperature)
  • Machine polishing of the entire surface

Result of treatment (according to manufacturer):

  • Shelf life up to three years, after which the seal can be repeated
  • Not suitable for coverings in wet and commercial premises
  • Ensure good ventilation during processing and drying
  • The high-gloss coating is TÜV-tested and has already been tested on TV programs by Pro7 ("Galileo" and "World of Wonders") and found to be very good.

Seal laminate with oil and paste - how does it work?

The most natural oil seals usually come without the addition of chemical solvents in the trade. This makes them not only particularly environmentally friendly, but they are also suitable for use in families with small children or people with allergies. Nevertheless, the efficiency of these agents is sealed in the laminate hardly long-term nature and then at best extends to the next wipe, with which the oil is taken up again in its entirety. In the meantime, most oils and pastes form a shiny surface, which during the usually several hours drying time ensures a dangerously smooth lubricating film and is best not entered at all.

Representative test results - Nil

While Germany's most popular test portal has taken every imaginable care and cleaning fluid from the household sector at least three times under its critical wing, one is looking for Sealant for laminate at "test" and "eco-test" vain. However, remarkably often the big DIY chains recommend the classic floor cleaner, which has been striving for natural purity in our homes for more than 85 years. POLIBOY gets along with its new "renovator" without any solvents, but has the distinct disadvantage that he himself not suitable for newly installed floors, However, you will not learn anything about it in the product description, but only if you look at the company's own product video.

Profile POLIBOY Renovator to seal the laminate

  • 500 ml bottle for a single order
  • Price: 10,99 Euro (manufacturer recommendation)
  • Yield: 25 square meters
  • Shelf life of the protective layer: 6 months
  • Ingredients: waxes, specialty polymers, preservatives, excipients and distilled water
  • Application: The liquid is applied over the entire surface of the previously thoroughly cleaned laminate floor and spread in strips, with a wiper in overlapping paths.

Care products of the laminate manufacturer

Laminating is basically the same as treating your naturally waterproof Jack Wolfskin outdoor jacket with Impregnating Spray. It would be illogical for PARADOR, Haro, Hori or other branded laminate manufacturers to offer special sealant products, which is an admission of inadequate manufacturing technologies. High-quality laminate is factory-equipped with a sealthat keeps longer when handled with care. And here, each brand has developed its own care products, which solve the dirt easier and gentler on the material or pimp the fading shine again.

Seal laminate with solvents

Even if it smells a bit more intense when processing the mostly viscous substances, this would not be an indication of the particularly high durability of the soil seal. Due to the contained solvents penetrate the integrated substances for curing only a little deeper into the laminate, which is out of proportion to the often over weeks of persistent odor stands. If you subsequently wipe it several times, the applied seal gradually decreases and becomes progressively weaker.

Basic steps in sealing laminate flooring

The be-all and end-all when renovating an unsightly laminate floor is one Clean, clean surface, Nevertheless, this general cleaning, in which even the last stubborn dirt down, only damp take place, if necessary several times in succession.

1. Thorough soil cleaning

Hand-warm water with a dash of household cleaner (ideally based on vinegar) as well as a soft and non-linting floor wiper or a cleaning mop with a wipe cloth press has proved its worth. Even for the most stubborn dirt you should rough abrasive and especially Avoid aggressive chemicals and highly concentrated vinegar, Soak thickly encrusted dirt several times over a small area, it dissolves itself after a short time and can be wiped off relatively easily with a microfibre cloth.

2. Apply the laminate seal

It must be worked strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Often these are concentrates that must be dissolved in water in a very specific mixing ratio before they are applied to the soil. The room temperature is optimal, though They are between 15 and 20 degrees lies. Before sealing the laminate, pay attention to your health proper ventilation, especially if you handle solvent-containing fluids. During our research on this article, it was also noted that some of the latter products should be applied with protective gloves, some even with respiratory protection. As a "tool" has in the sealing of laminate flooring disused mop proven by Vileda, with which you can achieve the mass in the focal points between the boards excellently and massage.

3. Drying times are the minimum time to strain

Particularly noteworthy is the duration of the drying times in the nano - seals, which are up to complete walkability of the soil up to three days can claim. The reward for that? To actually seal the best, most compelling, and longest lasting laminate results. Consequently, it is worthy of note that the drying time does not have to be identical to the fact that the laminate surface is already fully loadable again. So: Moving the furniture better to move one or two days and playing with the beloved cat first too.

What do professionals say about sealing laminate?

They are happy to do it for their customers, both flooring technicians and professional cleaning companies. Partially they swear own proven mixturesThe largest part is based on the pore-deep nanotechnology. Are common, including a careful cleaning of the soil, Square meter prices between 4.00 and 10.00 euros, Of course, this effort is worthwhile only with high-quality laminate, which is otherwise still stable from the surface and without cracks, dents or other damage.

Prevention is better than cure

Who his wood floor up perfectly prepared surface laid professionally and without visible joints, will later have little thought to seal the laminate. Maybe not at all, if ever wiped water-saving was under the table and chair legs floor protectors are mounted and even the little ones their inliner buckle on the doorstep.

Tips & Tricks

Near the baseboards and doors, we recommend applying the sealing liquid a little bit more thickly and, if necessary, with a soft brush of natural hair. These surfaces are particularly sensitive, as there is usually a little more water settles when wiping. It may even be more effective to treat these areas twice when laminating.

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