Sealing terrace tiles - life extension of the surface

Sealing terrace tiles may not be cheap, but with the right remedy you can very effectively protect the surface of the tiles from contamination. However, you must then use the appropriate product correctly.

Good basic cleaning

Before sealing, the terrace must be thoroughly cleaned again. This will be the last time that the high-pressure cleaner is used.

After sealing, the high pressure cleaner would damage the seal, so it should not be used in three to five years until the next seal is due.

Sealing protects fundamentally

In the future, a seal prevents the dirt from penetrating into the pores of the patio tiles. So mosses and lichens can not settle and you inevitably have less work.

In addition, the plates are also protected from other contaminants. Even the wildest BBQ party with lots of fat splashes and spilled colorful cocktails can not harm the plates. It can be easily removed with a little water and detergent.

Step by step instructions for the sealing of patio tiles

  • cleaning supplies
  • Impregnation - suitable for the material of the plates
  • Paint roller / painter's quast
  • Pressure sprayer
  • bucket
  • broom
  • Brush / scrubber

1st basic cleaning

Depending on which material you used as terrace tiles, you must either pre-clean the terrace with a high-pressure cleaner or with a special cleaner before you can apply an impregnation.

After cleaning, you may want to wash away any remaining residue from cleaner with plenty of clear water.

2. Select the seal

Take your time to select the appropriate seal for the patio plate material. With the right product, you will have your peace of mind longer.

3. Apply the seal with the roller

If you want to apply the sealer with the painter's roller, it is best to use a foam roller, as this usually drips a bit more liquid product for the sealing, otherwise it drips off the roll slightly.

4. Apply with the pressure sprayer

You can also apply the sealer with a pressure sprayer. However, you first have to clean the container well before and after. Several courses of clear water should be rinsed through and partially sprayed through.

In addition, you must cover the environment well, as plants, for example, a sealer can not stand. But also on the window frame or garden furniture stains can occur when the fine drizzle hits them.

5. Let it dry

Depending on whether you want to apply the seal once or twice, a drying must already take place between the sealings. In addition, the terrace surface must dry for about two days after the work is done.

If it is raining, be sure to have a foil ready and spread it out on the terrace. The sealing is not exactly cheap depending on the product, it would be a pity if a rain shower destroys everything.

Tips & Tricks

Instead of a subsequent seal, you can also buy already sealed plates. These are a bit more expensive, but the seal applied there keeps almost forever.

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