Make bean bag and seat cushions yourself

Floor cushions, meditation cushions, dog cushions and more

Make bean bag and seat cushions yourself: cushions

There are many possibilities for a cozy home: a beanbag in a simple, elegant, very colorful or extravagant design. Or a seat cushion that was already an integral part of every living room in the 60s and is still used as a seat opportunity today.

Either way, everyone has their favorites. But the pillows do not have to be bought for expensive money. With our patterns you can easily make bean bags and seat cushions yourself.

The instructions for floor cushions, meditation cushions and dog beds can also be implemented by an ambitious tailor himself.

Table of contents about bean bag and seat cushion

  • beanbag
  • seat cushions
  • Oriental floor cushions
  • Meditation cushion Zafu
  • Dog bed and dog pillows

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The beanbag is sometimes simple, elegant, very colorful, has extravagant details or very shrill. The materials are also very different and popular with every generation.

The small polystyrene beads are absolutely pleasant. With every movement you feel like a massage, because the small kisses close around the body.

For this reason, these comfortable pieces of furniture are popular not only in the living room, but also in every nursery and youth room. Due to an ever increasing demand, manufacturers bring in the newer and extraordinary models on the market.

The top priority, however, is a feel-good effect that makes "lying around" watching TV or reading a thrilling book as enjoyable as possible.

Driving beanbag

A remote-controlled pillow for a lot of fun. You see a video

own bean bag

create. There are lots of good tips

Sew cover for pouf or seat cushion

Free sewing patterns and sewing instructions for a pouffe cover. - Illustrated manual.
at buttinette

Sew football seat cushions

Illustrated, detailed instructions for sewing a seat cushion in football form. Cutting instructions as a print template.
at buttinette

Sew beanie

A video with a detailed description of how to sew a beanbag yourself
Sat.1 Ratgeber

Sew the seat

Bean bag made of fabric in many different colors. - A sewing instruction with pictures

Colorful beanbag "HUG"

for every nursery to make yourself. A simple guide

Giant beanbag

manufacturing. Aud this pillow is space for the whole family. An explanation


Instructions for a beanbag in Pacman look. Not only children love this little thing eaten away.

Original beanbag

With these tips you can make a bean bag yourself

Beanbags: fabric and filling

How should the substance be? Do you take wool or peas as a filling? Answers are there

Beanbag Seating for resting

Simply sew yourself out of an old shower curtain or bath towel
at Schö

Purple beanbag

is perfect for relaxing and reading. Here you feel good. You find a sewing instruction

Fill the beanbag properly

, Which is the right filler? You can find some tips

Make bean bag yourself

, With a few moves and a few utensils to create an accessory to feel good

Beanbag as video

, How do I make a beanbag? Funny sewing instructions

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Video Board: Diy no sew beanbag chair/ sitting area