"Second rent": These additional costs you pay for your apartment!

The ancillary costs have been rising for years, so that the term "second rent" is not wrong. What belongs to the additional costs of a rented apartment? Basically all costs that are incurred regularly and have to do directly with the house. We give you an overview!

The additional living costs in the overview

The additional costs of an apartment, which can be transferred to the tenant, are also called "operating costs" because they ensure the proper operation of the tenement and therefore regularly occur.

One-off expenses, such as felling a tree next to the house, are usually not part of the operating costs. The additional costs for the apartment but include the following costs.

  • Property tax, proportionately allocated to the tenants
  • Cost of water, electricity and heating
  • Dirty water canal fees, proportionately allocated
  • Cost of a possible lift, pro rata
  • Refuse collection, proportionately
  • possibly street cleaning and winter service, pro rata
  • possibly cleaning service for shared spaces, proportionate
  • possibly caretaker, proportionately
  • Chimney sweep, proportionately
  • Heating maintenance, pro rata
  • Garden maintenance, proportionately
  • Lighting of shared spaces, proportionate
  • Residential building insurance, pro rata
  • Community TV connection, distribution system for broadband cable, proportionate

Additional costs of an apartment: You should know that!

In most cases, the individual incidental costs can be found in the rental agreement. Since the prices are variable, the contract usually gives no fixed numbers. An insight into the last installment bill gives the tenant information about the actual costs that come to him.

For a few apartments, the operating costs are already included in the rent: This should be expressly included in the lease to avoid unpleasant surprises for the tenant.

An advance payment in addition to the monthly rent is common practice. Once a year, the landlord then calculates with concrete numbers - and demands money or pays back something.

Example of the operating costs of an apartment

A man moves into a 70 square meter apartment in the city. The landlord requires a service charge of 191 EUR per month in addition to the basic rent. Electricity and water is charged to the tenant directly from the municipal utilities.

Cost overviewprice
1. heating costs85 EUR
2. Property tax, dirty water, Müllbabfuhr40 EUR
3. Cleaning and winter service30 EUR
4. Lighting for staircase and cellar14 EUR
5. Chimney sweep and heating maintenance10 EUR
6. Residential building insurance12 EUR
total191 EUR

Variable additional costs

The landlord can increase the lump-sum flat-rate for the apartment, if this is no longer cost-covering. Pay attention to what your lease says about it!

Tips & Tricks

Always carefully check your annual utility bill and make sure that all details are correct. Also, look at the operating cost index of the German Tenants' Association to see whether your rental costs are within a reasonable range.

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