Install sectional door - you must pay attention to this

Sectional doors are a good choice if the garage has a low door height, and if it is important that there is more space in front of the garage. Under certain circumstances, they can also be installed by yourself. How exactly, what steps are required, and what to look out for, you can read in this guide in detail.

Basics for installation

You can not manage the installation of a sectional door alone. You need at least one helper, better several.

Always follow the installation instructions exactly. The basic steps, as described below, are always the same, but with individual door models, additional assembly work may be required or individual steps may be slightly different.

If you do not trust the installation one hundred percent, leave it to a specialist. Use only professional tools - such as a sufficiently powerful rotary hammer. Always make sure that you perform each attachment professionally and very stable.

For the rails, you must also make sure that they have no slope - they must also run perfectly horizontally on the ceiling.

At the very least, wear protective goggles and work gloves when working. Especially when working with the hammer drill gloves should be worn.

Do not connect the drive yourself if you do not have sufficient expertise. You must also make sure that the connection of the door drive is adequately protected electrically. Let the wiring work best done by your electrician.

Install sectional door - step by step

  • Sectional door components
  • possibly slats for supporting
  • wooden wedges
  • spirit level
  • Folding rule or yardstick
  • Hammer drill and screwdriver
  • Pencil to mark
  • clamps
  • Metal drill and masonry drill
  • Eisenbügelsäge
  • screwdriver
  • ev. conductor
  • Personal protective equipment

1. Preparatory work

First, pull a meter crack on the inside of the door revealing. Measure exactly 100 cm from the ground on both sides and make a horizontal line at the same height to the left and right of the door opening. That helps later when aligning.

2. Insert gate frame

Mount the goal frame out of the individual parts and set it upright. Use the meter crack for exact positioning and fix the aligned frame with screw clamps. Use the spirit level to align.

3. Fasten the gate and mount the rails

Fix the gate with the anchors in the exactly aligned frame and first mount the horizontal rails. Then connect the horizontal rails to the cross rail.

4. Finish the rails

Bring the rails to their exact position on the ceiling, support them and mount the curve segments. Then you can attach the rails to the ceiling. Always check the position exactly with the spirit level.

5. Insert gate elements

Now insert the individual door segments and connect them to the bands.

Tips & Tricks

Sectional doors are always installed on the inside of the door reveal, but swinging doors can be installed both on the outside and inside of the reveal.

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