Have security key copied

Locking systems with high safety standards have been developed to meet the requirements of modern residential complexes and business premises. The weakest link is the single key with multiple function. Anyone who has or wants to have him imitated can only do this with the appropriate certificate or a security card.

Multifunctional with certificate

The basic principle of a security key is simple. It fits through different locks in a selected number of doors and gates. The security key is assigned access authorizations by means of beard shape. So it can fit to common doors, which can be operated with other keys. At the same time, only the right key fits into the individual apartment door.

A security key allows access to multiple areas. This is taken into account when copying, in that it may only be duplicated with the corresponding security certificate. This certificate is normally held by the owner of the building or the locking system.

Can only be duplicated with certificate

If a security key is lost, there is a risk of third party access by unauthorized persons. The risk assessment is reserved for the certificate holder. It allows the copying of individual security keys or lets it be done by itself.

Although traditional keys often carry an engraved number, the number on the security key is the distinctive and tamper-proof proof of identity. Locksmiths are not allowed to duplicate these keys without the associated certificate.
In addition to the certificate, most manufacturers require a key journal as another document. All existing keys with function are listed on this list. It must be updated according to the lost key and the new copy.

Tips & Tricks

If you have one or more security keys, expand your personal liability insurance accordingly. The liability sum should be selected based on the size of the locking system. In residential complexes, skyscrapers, blocks of flats or business premises, a five-digit sum with a low deductible is recommended.

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