Dotted or full-surface skylight with transparent roof panels

Transparent roof panels are mostly made of plastic and mounted. The products are made of PVC, acrylic glass or polycarbonate, unlike real glass have a much lower weight and are less sensitive. The roof panels are completely transparent available from milky to colored.

Plate shapes and stability

Many manufacturers call their transparent roof panels light panels. Wavy shaped trapezoidal profiles are very common, similar to the well-known corrugated sheets, which have a statically adequate stability despite low material thickness. The transparency is blurred by the shaping.

Another common type of transparent roof panels are plastic panels made of two surfaces with intervening cavities. Bar connections create light panels with parallelepipedic chambers that provide the required stability.

Rarely flat roof panels that are completely transparent are used because they have to have an enormous material thickness and are prone to cloudiness due to scratches or dirt. In this case, rather roof panels are chosen from expensive unbreakable high quality real glass.

use types

  • Full-surface installation of trapezoidal transparent or bridge-light roof tiles on open structures such as carports, patio roofs or shelters.
  • Individual skylights in closed roofs as light sources, often with milky or cloudy transparency, as natural daylighting in interiors. The roof panels are often provided with Aufklappmechanismus.
  • Partial roofing of roofs such as pitched roofs with transparent roof panels for the creation of light-bright rooms such as studios. In this variant, mostly transparent plates are used to afford views.
  • Colored tinted transparent roof panels as a sunscreen and for the production of attractive optical lighting effects such as greenish shimmer in conservatories or bluish shimmer for indoor pools.

Suppliers and price examples

  • offers transparent polycarbonate polycarbonate sheet in clear, milky transparency and bronze color.
  • has particularly strong trapezoidal roof panels with clear transparency in the range.
  • specializes in corrugated and folded light panels, which are available in matt, clear, milky and with incorporated honeycomb structures.

The square meter price for trapezoidal light panels starts at around twenty euros, and for bridge-light panels at around thirty euros.

Tips & Tricks

Individual transparent roof tiles are offered under ten euros. Here, the warranty for stability, scratch resistance and UV resistance must be carefully considered.

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