Self-adhesive bitumen roofing membrane - the "cold processing" is on the rise

So far, bituminous membranes are still used more often than self-adhesive bitumen membranes - and that has something to do with price. The cold processing of bituminous membranes is used more and more often and has its advantages. What these are, where to get such bitumen sheets, and what they cost, read in this post.

Cold processing has advantages

Bituminous welds are heated with a gas burner - the so-called welding device - which liquefies the bitumen and forms a water-impermeable layer and a firmly bonded bond with the substrate or the underlying bituminous layer.

As an alternative to this "hot processing" there have long been self-adhesive bituminous membranes, but so far still less frequently used than the conventional welding tracks. They are also referred to as cold self-adhesive track (KSK bituminous membrane).

They get their liability by a self-adhesive applied on the underside, many of the webs but also offer a variable seam bonding, that is, they can be optionally processed hot in the seam area.

Prices for cold glue sticks

In a comparable design, cold-adhesive webs today are still sometimes slightly more expensive than the counterparts for the hot process. The square meter prices can usually be from 8 to over 14 EUR per sqm.

Since in most cases two-ply work, so here also creates a fairly high cost of roofing with bitumen membranes.

Advantages of KSK bitumen membranes

  • easier and easier handling
  • higher processing speed
  • safer than welding tracks by eliminating the burner insert

Bitumen membranes as self-adhesive membranes in the trade

  • Of course, the best-known manufacturer of bituminous membranes also has a large number of KSK bituminous membranes in its product range.
  • Another manufacturer, which is mainly known by the trade name Pecithene, also manufactures KSK railways
  • Even with this dealer, there are cold self-adhesive bituminous membranes in extensive selection.

This can save costs

The advantages of KSK bituminous membranes are their higher processing speed and easier handling - so you should switch to the traditional welding path to save costs.

Tips & Tricks

Due to the enormous number of very different bituminous membranes, comprehensive advice on the purchase is very important here - so that you actually use the right track for the right purpose.

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