A semi-detached bungalow - is it worth it?

Nowadays, there are countless design options if you are interested in a semi-detached house. But is it also possible to build a semi-detached house as a bungalow? In this article you will learn what advantages and disadvantages this has and whether it is worthwhile at all.

Lots of space needed

As a bungalow usually has no upper floors, but only provides the ground floor, it needs compared to a "normal" house, of course, a larger footprint to allow a comparable living comfort. In the semi-detached house, this space requirement is even higher; So you need a large plot of land to realize this project.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bungalow

The bungalow offers clear advantages, which are also interesting in the construction of a semi-detached house:

  • Simple, uncomplicated living without stairs
  • Many design options
  • Easy connection of indoor and outdoor space

A semi-detached bungalow - is it worth it?: house

Since the bungalow has only one floor, the insulation of the central partition is much cheaper than ordinary house types. A clear advantage, above all because of the importance of good insulation in the duplex. The disadvantages of the bungalow are both the high space requirements and the thus high land costs, as well as the large roof area, which causes additional costs.

Is a semi-detached bungalow the right thing for me?

The bungalow is undoubtedly a special type of house, which, however, is attractive for different people: Not only physically disabled people who appreciate the barrier-free of the bungalow, but also friends of the uncomplicated, large-scale lifestyle in the bungalow are among them. If you are convinced of the bungalow and still want to save costs, the semi-detached bungalow is ideal for you.

Since a semi-detached house is usually built by two builders, but you must find a suitable construction partner who is equally convinced of the bungalow. Often this can be a problem, because the bungalow in this country is a rare design and for many people is no alternative to the ordinary house.

Tips & Tricks

Find out from various prefab and solid house manufacturers about the possibilities to build a semi-detached house as a prefabricated house. So you not only get an overview of the many variations in house construction, but also suggestions for your house.

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