The semi-detached house as a new building

A new building offers many advantages: The high design freedom and the unused condition of the house are only examples. In this article you will learn what advantages and disadvantages of the new building offers and what you should consider in the semi-detached house.

The freedom of design

A big advantage of the new building is your freedom of design; You can build your house the way you like it. Although you must make some compromises with the fact that you are building the duplex with another builder, you can, for example, design the layout according to your wishes.

The feeling of being the client and of customizing your own home is also indispensable for many builders. A new semi-detached house is advantageous for a variety of reasons:

  • Numerous savings options to reduce costs
  • To the builders matching floor plan
  • Security, as far as the condition of the house is concerned

The semi-detached house as a new building: design

Excellent condition

When buying a used house it is often difficult to find hidden defects. When new construction, however, you can be sure that your semi-detached house is in prime condition. Thus, the follow-up costs are better calculable than when buying a house, because in the first years usually no deficiencies arise, which need a refurbishment.

Long construction, bad locations

A major problem of new buildings are the equally complex and extensive phases of construction and planning. Both builders of the duplex must be patient and organize the future house well. In addition, it is very difficult for new buildings to get good or central locations, as these are usually already "zugebaut".

In the semi-detached house comes as a further disadvantage, the limited freedom of design compared to a new single-family house added because you can not decide alone about the house and must take into account especially in the external design of the ideas of other builders.

Although a new semi-detached house offers the possibility of cost savings in different places, but is usually more expensive than a used property due to the higher cost.

Tips & Tricks

When building new buildings, it is important that you inform yourself comprehensively about the possibilities of planning and construction. When it comes to the providers, you should above all compare the various offers to get an overview.

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