Demolish a semi-detached house - what is there to consider?

If you want to demolish your semi-detached house, you should be informed about the applicable law and know what the consequences of this project. In this article you will learn what you should consider when demolishing your semi-detached house to make the project as smooth as possible.

Is a demolition necessary at all?

Before you start with the elaborate and often costly plan of the demolition, you should be sure that this is worthwhile. Get cost estimates from refurbishment and demolition companies to compare costs. If the costs of a refurbishment are lower than those of a demolition, you should definitely reconsider your decision.

The demolition of a semi-detached house requires more legal provisions than an ordinary demolition to ensure that the owner of the other half of the house is not harmed. Therefore, you must:

  • Replace the injured party with any inconvenience
  • Provide a weather-resistant plaster as well as suitable thermal insulation of the rest of the building

Demolish a semi-detached house - what is there to consider?: demolish

It does matter whether the dividing wall is community property or owned by a particular party. If it is a community property, it is not enough if you only pay for the plaster; You need to budget for the cost of thermal insulation. After all, your house served the neighbor as a thermal insulation, which has now disappeared.

Compare the prices

The prices of different demolition companies can vary greatly, which is why you should compare. It is nonsensical to spend a lot of money on a demolition because you eventually need a new home; Here investments are much more useful.

On the Internet, you have many opportunities to compare different providers, to get a price orientation and often to read reviews from other people who already have experience with the company. In addition to a low price, it is also important that the demolition of the semi-detached house is done neatly and conscientiously, so that later no problems arise.

Tips & Tricks

Have any friends, acquaintances or neighbors ever made a demolition of you? Inquire to get valuable tips and advice. These often make the organization and process of the project much easier.

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