Plan a semi-detached house correctly

If you are interested in a semi-detached house, you should plan your semi-detached house in detail before the construction. In this article you will learn what you should consider in your planning to make the project a success.

They are independent

A big advantage in planning your semi-detached house is that in most decisions, you are not dependent on the other half of the house; So you can plan according to your wishes and ideas. A crucial point in the planning is the floor plan: It decides on the living comfort in the later semi-detached house and should therefore be planned not only in detail, but also over a longer period of time; so you avoid making spontaneous and ill-considered decisions.

The floor plan: decisive in the planning

When planning your floor plan, you should make sure that it is as comfortable as possible; Since a semi-detached house usually offers less space than a detached house, an efficient use is necessary. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there enough space in the important, frequently used rooms like the living room or the kitchen?
  • Are the children's rooms spacious enough?
  • Can space be saved in less important rooms such as the hallway, the hallway or the storage room?

Plan a semi-detached house correctly: plan

Especially the second point, the nursery, is of great importance: your offspring not only uses it to sleep, play and learn, but also meets there with friends - so make sure the nursery is big enough.

Do not plan alone

An advantage in the planning of your semi-detached house: Since the semi-detached house consists of two halves, you are not alone in the planning but have the support of another building owner. So if you have any planning problems, please ask for advice. Maybe the other builder already has good ideas that would be useful for your semi-detached house.

Tips & Tricks

Planning with a developer is often the most convenient and easiest solution: The prefab or solid house company will organize the planning for you, may already provide interesting models from the catalog that do not require special planning and is your sole contact for any questions or problems.

Video Board: Couple's detached house turned into semi by neighbours building work