The semi-detached house - advantages and disadvantages

The semi-detached house is a house type with many advantages but also some disadvantages. In this article, you will learn the main strengths and weaknesses of the semi-detached house and the benefits of planning a house with another builder.

High cost savings, easier planning

Probably the biggest advantage of the semi-detached house is the lower cost compared to a single-family home. This is because a duplex is larger, but not twice as expensive as a detached house. Since the costs of the semi-detached house are usually shared in half between the two parties, you must logically pay only half of the duplex.

Since the cost difference is usually tens of thousands of euros, you benefit from lower debt; the repayment of your loan is completed faster.

The semi-detached house - advantages and disadvantages: house

Also beneficial: Since you plan your semi-detached house together with another client, you benefit from a discharge in terms of organization and planning. So you do not have to constantly supervise the construction, but still have time for other things:

  • You can better pursue your job
  • You have more time for your family
  • Holidays or excursions are also possible during planning or construction
  • By generally reducing stress you can relax more easily

Less space, direct neighborhood

The disadvantage of the semi-detached house is usually the smaller size compared to a detached single-family house to call, which requires a more efficient handling of the spatial conditions. In addition, your semi-detached house is supplied with light from only three sides; the fourth is on the central partition and is therefore "dark".

The problem of direct neighborhood, ie the absence of physical distance to the other half of the house, should also be mentioned. Due to the immediate proximity to the neighbors, you inevitably get some of your life with you and have to expect noise from time to time. However, this problem can be significantly reduced by a good insulation of the partition.

It is important that you get along well with the other client: After all, you plan a house together, whereby mutual consideration is important. The disadvantage: You can not design the house as individually as a family house.

Tips & Tricks

Make yourself an impression of the advantages and disadvantages of the semi-detached house by visiting the model houses of the developers or prefabricated housing parks: Here you usually have a large selection of houses, including some semi-detached houses.

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