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A terraced house offers some advantages over the row center house, which many buyers are interested in this type of house. In this article you will learn what you should consider when buying a terraced house, why you should compare thoroughly and what are the disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since the terraced house is located at the end of a terraced house, it has a noticeably better incidence of light than the row center house, as it has three "free" house sides. In addition, residents benefit from less noise pollution from neighbors, since you only have a direct neighboring building. But a decisive advantage of the Reihenmittelhauses can not show the terraced house: The excellent thermal insulation. Finally, three free home pages lose more energy than one.

To be considered when buying

As with any home, you should also check at the row house before buying, in what condition it is. To do this, it is best to seek the help of an expert from the TÜV, who knows about defects in the house and finds them easier than the ordinary consumer.

Buy a row house: terraced

In addition to the state of insulation is also of great importance: Let the seller show the energy performance of the row house to be sure that it is efficient despite the external situation. Before you buy, you should be as patient as possible and not make a quick purchase to avoid later follow-up costs for renovations and repairs.


Also in the row house it is always worthwhile to compare different houses: Not only the chance for an "even better" house, but also the price comparison are two arguments for not saying after the first house "I'll buy that!", Because it often happens that similar terraced houses have very different prices, often because of small changes in the location.

As you can see, if you are interested in a terraced house, you will enjoy clear advantages over semi-detached houses, but you may have to reckon with poorer thermal insulation. As with any home, it is important to thoroughly examine the object before purchasing.

Tips & Tricks

Find out about the experiences of other people in row houses on the internet. These experiences usually help more than mere descriptions of the house.

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