The terraced house - which advantages and disadvantages it offers

If you are interested in buying or renting a terraced house, you have probably already dealt with the terraced house. In this article, you will learn what it means and the advantages and disadvantages of the row house.

What is a row house?

A terraced house is understood to mean the houses of a terraced house, which are one of the outer ends; Row houses are therefore not enclosed by two houses, but have a "free" side. Many interested parties consciously choose this house, others avoid it. Below you will find out the reasons for and against the terraced house.

What advantages does the terraced house have?

Due to the free side, ie not enclosed by another house, there are significant advantages for the resident: In addition to mostly noticeably better lighting conditions, which significantly increase the quality of living, you have less noise pollution from neighbors who only "disturb" one side. Of course, the difference in well-insulated terraced houses is only minor, but in many cases crucial: For example, you can put your bedroom on the outer side in order to achieve the least possible interference from neighbors.

The terraced house - which advantages and disadvantages it offers: terraced

In some cases terraced houses benefit from special features and features compared to ordinary terraced houses. For example, when constructing a terraced house, many builders put gardens on the outer ends to create a friendlier environment. Usually it is then so that the inhabitants of the terraced house profit from the additional outdoor area, often even entitled to use.

Less insulation, higher costs - the disadvantages

Many people are aware that they do not choose a row house. This is mainly because it does not have a significant advantage of ordinary row houses: The good thermal insulation. While the classic terraced house is enclosed by two other houses, thus less energy is lost and the heating costs are permanently lower, the terraced house behaves in this point almost like any other, detached house.

It is therefore of particular importance that the row house in question is insulated as well as possible in order to "compensate" for this deficiency. Before you move in, therefore, inform the owner how well the terraced house is insulated and have the energy certificate of the house presented to you.

The price comparison is also important if you are interested in a terraced house: If it is much more expensive than comparable mid-range houses, you may need to rethink your decision. In general, as with all other houses, consider your needs, your budget and the services of the house in order to make a sensible decision.

Tips & Tricks

Compare different terraced houses to get an overview of the offer. It is always an advantage if you are as flexible as possible locally, as you have a wider choice.

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