Descale Senseo coffee machine

A Senseo coffee machine has to be decalcified from time to time to make it run smoothly. Your coffee maker actually reports when necessary. You'll also learn how to decalcify your coffee maker and how to descale your Senseo coffee machine step-by-step below.

When does it have to be descaled?

The Senseo coffee machines are equipped with a lamp that lights up red when it is necessary to descale the coffee maker. This lamp is usually labeled with "CALC". The Senseo coffee maker is set to automatically indicate after 400 cups that it has to be descaled. That is, depending on how high your coffee consumption is, this will be all three (with four to five cups of coffee a day) to six months (with one to two cups of coffee a day) will be necessary. But there are other signs that the coffee maker needs to be descaled:

  • The coffee cups are only half full
  • The coffee machine makes a lot of noise when brewing coffee
  • The coffee does not have a delicious crema on top

These phenomena may be due to your Senseo coffee maker becoming calcified. It may happen that your machine calcifies when it has less than 400 cups of coffee, if e.g. Their tap water is very hard, so it contains a high amount of lime.

Home remedies instead of expensive descaler product?

The manufacturer advises against home remedies as descaling agents, as this can attack the hoses. However, Senseo's descaling product is pure citric acid, as indicated on the ingredient display on the package. So why not resort to traditional citric acid or vinegar essence? However, experts in chemistry tend to discourage the use of citric acid, as calcium citrate, which forms during decalcification with heated citric acid, can be found in the machine just like lime. Therefore, you should try it with a citric acid-free descaler, vinegar or baking soda.

Instructions for descale a Senseo coffee machine

1. Prepare solution

First put on your decalcifier mixture. If you have decided on a commercial descaler, follow the instructions on the box. For vinegar essence, use one-third vinegar essence to two-thirds water. In both cases, stir the mixture well.

2. Prepare

Place your descaler mixture in the water tank of your Senseo coffee machine (to the maximum) and place it in accordance with regulations.

Then place a container under the coffee spout that holds at least one liter of water.
Insert a used pad into the device. The pad is used to catch limescale, so they do not get into the nozzles.

3. Descaling

Now turn on your Senseo coffee machine and press the button for one and two cups of coffee at the same time. This activates the cleaning mode. If that does not work, press the button for two cups of coffee until all the water in the tank is used up.

4. Repeat?

Senseo advises to repeat the descaling process. Whether that is really necessary is debatable. If you want to play it safe, try a second solution and try again.

5. Rinse

Then fill your tank with clear tap water and repeat the process, this time without descaler. Repeat this "empty passage" at least twice, often more often, to make sure that there are no more acid residues in the machine and that the taste of the coffee is not affected by the descaler.

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