Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself

Instructions for a serving tray for drinks and glasses

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: wooden

In keeping with the World Cup, European Championship, a football party or just for a football night out with friends, here we show you how to build a wooden tablet yourself can safely carry both drinks and glasses, Gone are the days that the drinks on the serving tray are upset, because with this model, you decide how you want to use it.

So it is possible with the Tray only to transport drinks glasses, to put only bottles or glasses and bottlen to carry with him. The practical handle in the middle makes it comfortable to hold with one hand and still the weight is evenly balanced. In addition, the holes give the beverage bottles and glasses a firm grip.

In order to build this tray yourself, only 8 mm thick birch plywood and four screws in the size 3 x 30 mm and paint for painting are needed.

Material and tool list


  • hammer
  • Belt tensioner or
  • Ratchet
  • compasses
  • corner
  • Drill 25 mm
  • Drill 3 mm
  • Hand sanding block
  • Hole Saw


  • jigsaw
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • table saw
  • Possibly. Handkreissäge
  • Random Orbit Sander
1.1Middle side with handle4502258Birch plywood
2.2Middle side without handle4502258Birch plywood
3.1Bottom downD = 4508Birch plywood
4.1Floor aboveD = 4348

Birch plywood


The work table shown in the blueprint is the new multifunction table MFT 3 from Festool. This table has the advantage that you can attach laterally a widening, in which various modules can be installed. In one of these modules, the hand-held saw shown can be installed. The table saw used in the blueprint is nothing more than a circular saw built into the broadening from below. Especially in smaller hobby cellars, this combination of work table and machine can be a very useful variant.

Serving tray in black-red-gold

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: wooden

Drink tray in black-red-gold

Matching the football party, the World Cup or European Championship games, we have built a second tray ourselves and painted in the colors of the Germany flag. Before painting is it is advisable to apply a primer and paint it in the desired color only after drying. This reduces the required amount of paint. Depending on the desired coverage, one to two coats are required.

How to build the wooden tablet yourself

Step 1: Record circles

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: wooden

Record circles and semicircles

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: build

Draw quarter circles

1.1 In the first step, the circles (Pos. 3 + 4) and semicircles (Pos. 1 + 2) with a Circle or a pencil attached to a string on the plywood drawn and the center marked.

1.2 The The center of the circles is with a cross from which the circles are divided into four quadrants. Then saw the circles evenly with a jigsaw and a sharp curve saw blade.

1.3 To be on the safe side, you can test the round sawing on wood residues before venturing on to the components of the tray. Alternatively to Jigsaw is building with a fretsaw possible.

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: yourself

Saw out circles

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: serving

Record the shape of the handle

2: Drill Henkel holes

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: serving

Mark radius and drill holes on plywood

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: serving

Drill holes for the handle

2.1 Now use a compass to record the shape of the handle on the semicircle (item 1). Since the Center point at the lower radius at both middle sides Outside the workpiece, you must draw a center line on the work table and there create the semicircles with the center.

2.2 At this Center line is the compass in the middle and the lower radius penciled. So that the handle ends on both sides of a hole, draw the now Center of the borehole on the wood.

2.3 Then saw on each wall up to the end Half a slot, In these later, the middle pages are plugged. This corresponds to the Slit width of the material thickness, The slot should be be half as long as the distance to the bottom edge of the handle, Place a plate or piece of wood that is no longer needed to prevent the holes from fraying on subsequent holes. Then drill two holes at the end of the handle (D = 25 mm).

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: wooden

Saw out the handle for the tray

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: build

Saw out the tray side

Step 3: Saw groove

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: build

Adjust the height of the saw blade for the groove

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: tray

Test with a piece of wood, if the groove is big enough

3.1 Using a Saw blade in the jigsaw saw in the next step, the handle out. For the slots, it is best to reuse a wide saw blade for straight cuts and saw the incision on each flank to the end point. Then pull the Jigsaw approx. 20 mm back and cut diagonally to the end the other cut.

3.2 The remaining material can be sawn out with small cuts. In order for everything to fit later, it is important to cut out the two slots as exactly as possible. Then you should try the middle sides together to test whether they fit. At the bottom End is a groove in the semicirclesawed. In these grooves later the quarter circles with the beverage places are used and glued.

3.3 Again, the width of the groove corresponds to the thickness of the board. The depth is 2 mm. Then set the bottom edge of the Groove on the stop of the table saw on. For the exact height of the saw blade, it is advisable to make a trial cut. The first cut is made on each side of the center walls.

4: Mark the ground

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: tray

Draw center lines in the quadrants

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: wooden

Mark center of outer holes

4.1 Next you adjust the Stop around the saw cut width and cut the groove wider, while the specimen is always cut. With the last cut, the groove is cut to the width of the material thickness. Then insert another piece of wood to check if the groove has the correct width.

4.2 Then make the last cuts on the middle sides: Draw the P on the upper floor (item 4)the openings for the bottles and jars the plywood. To do this, first draw with two circles (r = 80, R = 162) the distance of the holes from the center and then the center lines (bisector) into the quadrants.

4.3 These center lines form intersections with the circles. There the first holes are recorded with the compass. Between the Edge of the middle holes and the outer edges of the quarter circle in the middle of each mark is drawn on the large circle. That's the center of the outer holes.

Step 5: Drill Beverage Holes

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: build

Saw holes

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: wooden

Cut the circle into four parts

5.1 Next, cut the Holes for bottles and glasses out. Use a hole saw or jigsaw. Around To avoid ripping, you should re-use a board or scrap wood as a backing use.

5.2 Then record the exact size of the quarters and cut the circle into four parts with a circular saw or jigsaw.

5.3 Then four holes (D = 3 mm) are drilled into the soil. There he is later screwed to the middle side. Finally with one Hand sanding block or an edge trimmer round off all edges and grind the tray surfaces with an orbital sander. The final touch is made with a grade P180.

6: put elements together

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: wooden

Drill holes for attachment

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: serving

Color example for serving trays

6.1 Before assembling, you can paint the tray in color, Matching the football party, the World Cup or European Championship, the colors of the national flag are ideal. Of course, you can also use other shades. After complete drying, the two middle sides are pushed over each other. Glue is applied in the groove and the quadrant circles are inserted.

6.2 Now the exact position of the center side is marked on the bottom of the tray. After that screw the two sides from below with Spax screws 3 x 30 firmly. In the last step, apply glue in the groove and fix the quadrants.

6.3 Now the drinks and Glass holder inserted into the grooves and glued.

Important: If both bottles and jars are to be transported on the tray, the holes of the same diameter must face each other to balance the weight. Then tense the Components with a band tensioner or a ratchet belt, After the glue has set, the tray is ready for use.

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: build

Screw the middle parts onto the base plate

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: wooden

Use beverage places

Blueprint sketch

Serving Tray - Build wooden tray yourself: wooden

Courtesy of Festool.

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