Sewer rehabilitation in the inliner process: what are the costs?

The channel is an invisible part of the house, but it remains immensely important. Leakage causes groundwater pollution and lowers the value of the property. A sewer rehabilitation using the inliner process ensures tight pipes. How much does this measure cost?

Inliner sewer rehabilitation: What is it?

The inliner sewer rehabilitation is also called short liner procedure. The skilled artisan introduces a liquid resin impregnated hose or glass fiber fabric into the pipe system and observes everything through a pipe camera.

The synthetic resin spreads on the inner walls of the canal and hardens there. It closes holes and cracks, the pipe system gets tight again. Because this method requires a particularly low labor and material costs, it is relatively cost-effective.

Guidelines for the costs

The costs for a sewer rehabilitation in the inliner process are very individual, they are based on several factors. The specialist firm will make its personal offer at the following positions.

  • Length of the pipeline network
  • Accessibility of all lines
  • Amount of branches
  • general condition of the cables
  • Length of the cables to be sealed
  • previous pipe cleaning necessary?

On average, homeowners pay between 2,000 and 4,000 EUR for the overall measure. Calculate for your inline sewer rehabilitation with costs of about 150 to 250 EUR per running meter. Short lines save money!

Example project: costs for a sewer rehabilitation

The owner of an old building would like to rehabilitate its drainage channel in the inliner procedure. A previous check results in some damage to the piping system, also a pipe cleaning is necessary.

Cost overviewprice
1. general leak test200 EUR
2. thorough pipe cleaning900 EUR
3. Inliner sewer rehabilitation2,200 EUR
total3,300 EUR

Your duty as a homeowner

As a homeowner, you have a maintenance obligation for your pipelines. According to the German Criminal Code, a leaked house connection is an unauthorized groundwater contamination and can result in high fines.

Tips & Tricks

Check exactly if your homeowners insurance will cover the costs of the sewer rehabilitation in whole or in part. Talk to your insurance agent and specialist company about it. Maybe you are lucky!

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