Sewing Machine: The needle always sticks - what to do?

If the needle is always stuck when sewing with the machine, and then laboriously needs to be freed, that is annoying. What causes it can do, and what can be done against the sticking of the needle, read in our article.

Causes of getting stuck

As with most sewing machine problems, the causes here can also be quite different. The many moving small parts of a sewing machine must work together perfectly - otherwise there are immediate problems. A sewing machine is structurally still a fine mechanical device - and therefore prone to small causes of interference.

The most important things to keep in mind are:

  • Machine is dirty or not sufficiently oiled
  • Needle is dull
  • Needle is bent
  • Needle is not attached properly
  • Sewing speed is too high

You can easily eliminate all these causes yourself. If that still does not help, you will most likely need to return your machine for repair.

Machine is dirty or not sufficiently oiled

Sewing machines need regular cleaning and regular oiling of all moving parts. Constant work with fabrics causes lint and dust to accumulate inside the machine and block parts there. For a small amount of lint is enough. The oiling is important to keep the moving parts always sufficiently mobile.

First, thoroughly clean and oil your machine and see if the problem still exists.

Needle is dull

Blunt needles can be the cause of the needle being held down. If in doubt, replace the needle with a new one. Be sure to use a matching needle (jersey or denim needle if required) and select the correct needle size.

Needle is bent

Needles can bend very quickly, which is not always obvious at first glance. For example, excessive pulling or pushing on fabric often results in bent needles.

Needle is not attached properly

Also always make sure that you attach the needle with the flat side behind. When attaching, be sure to push the needle up to the stop.

Sewing speed is too high

For thick fabrics you should always slowly sew. If the sewing speed is too high, this may also be one reason why the needle gets stuck.

Tips & Tricks

Poorly or incorrectly attached and blunt needles may also lead to the needle breaking off.

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