Sewing Machine: Needle canceled - what to do?

Again and again it can happen that the needle breaks off when sewing. Actually, the safety electronics in the machine should make sure that does not happen - but sometimes that does not work. Where the cause may be that the needle breaks and what you should check, read here.

Problems with the needle

First of all, it makes sense once the needle is broken to look for the needle to find out the cause of the fracture. There can be several possibilities here:

  • the needle was not inserted all the way
  • the needle was bent
  • the needle was not suitable
  • the bobbin case was not inserted properly

The selection of the needle can be quite tricky. Depending on which fabric you use, you first need the right needle type. For ordinary cotton fabrics you can use the pointed universal needles.

However, if you want to sew jersey, you will need to use special jersey needles. These needles have rounded tips and do not pierce the fabric, but push with their tip only the stitches to the side. For hard or particularly dense fabrics, you should always use jeans needles that are more resilient.

In addition, the needle thickness also plays a role. Needles must not be too thick or too thin, so that sewing works smoothly. The sewing machine manual also usually includes tables that help you choose the right needle size. In some cases, however, you also have to decide on feeling (for example with special fabrics).

Needle breaks again

If this happens to you again and again in certain situations, you should pay attention to how you manage the substance. Normally, the sewing machine should transport the fabric by itself (there is the feed dog on the throat plate). If you push or pull the fabric too much, the needle may bend on the throat plate. A bent needle can cause the upper thread to tear, or even stings. In extreme cases, therefore, the needle may break.

Tips & Tricks

Also, be careful not to use blunt needles. Usually, needles only last about 6 hours of sewing. After that they are so dull that they have to be changed.

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