Make sexy costumes yourself

Something open-hearted: Sexy costumes for women and men

Make sexy costumes yourself: sexy

Carnival can escape the conventions and slip into another skin. Therefore, sexy costumes are especially popular for the carnival parade. Here a lot of skin is shown and emphasizes the good figure.

You can be aware of this erotic radiation put, or classic sex symbolssuch as action figures or super heroines, embody: Catwoman, for example, looks particularly sexy in her skin-tight leather costume and with the long whip in her hand - too without showing much skin.

Daring costumes are becoming increasingly popular and are ideal for indoor events, where you can do without a warming winter jacket.

Here are some sexy costumes for women and men that will inspire you to make new, individual variations. Have fun dressing!

Put together exciting costumes yourself

If Ms. wants to bowl herself for carnival with an appealing costume, then three things important: Show a lot of leg, present a deep neckline and if possible run in high-heeled shoes. Which costume it turns then exactly is then almost secondary, because in principle everything can be turned into a sexy costume.

Disguised as a nurse, it is certainly very easy, as a short, white skirt is already enough to inspire patient fantasies. But even the clumsy soldier's uniform can be transformed into an exciting outfit.

So you can simply remove the trousers from the pants or wear an olive-colored skirt. The field blouse can also be quickly waisted by means of a sewing machine.

From bunny to kitten

Both woman costumes Models are very popular which only a few years ago seemed to be unsuitable for (public) carnival celebrations. Daring costumes, like the almost classic "bunny costume", the sexy secretary and the cuddly kitten, are also very much in demand this year.

Make sexy costumes yourself: make

Make sexy costumes yourself: yourself

Make sexy costumes yourself: yourself

Sexy uniforms

Erotic disguises often change otherwise particularly compliant garments from. The secretary motif is one of them, other costume ideas based on uniforms, such as the maid costume, the playful stewardess and the naughty nurse.

Make sexy costumes yourself: make

Make sexy costumes yourself: sexy

Make sexy costumes yourself: yourself

Sexy costumes for men

The men are in no way inferior to women in terms of carnival costume. While you used to rely on the professional clothing retailer for strippers in the past, today there is a lot Attractive costumes in normal carnival needs.

Popular motifs for carnival guys: Everything you can at the Village People such as a policeman's costume, Sexy Cowboy and Indians, construction workers and leather types. And of course: sailors, sailors, sailors.

Those who are by nature more of an asparagus drug will benefit from muscle costumes made of foam or as an inflatable costume. Also superheroes and movie stars, like Batman or Indiana Jones, are well received by any woman.

Sexy movie costumes

Make sexy costumes yourself: sexy

Many superheroes and ladies from comics are striking and often dressed in sexy - such as Catwoman, with her whip the dark avenger in paint and leather.

On our page about popular movie characters you will also find some sexy movie costumes for him and her. Go to Article

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