Restore Shabby Chic Dresser

Restore Shabby Chic Dresser: shabby

An old cupboard becomes one with a bit of time and work trendy shabby chic dresser, With this style of furnishing, you give new pieces of furniture an old, chic "shabby" look. But even an older chest of drawers can be restored to shabby chic. The advantage: The Shabby Chic Design can be done without any prior knowledge. All you need is an old chest of drawers, wood stain in a dark and light color, sandpaper and wood varnish.

Be inspired by the choice of light hues of different pastel shades and then decorate the piece of furniture with floral patterns or exchange the handles for ornate specimens. There are no limits to your creativity, because the shabby-chic design allows for anything that pleases.

Be inspired by our ideas and restore our dresser in Shabby Chic style with our instructions.

Instructions: Restore dresser in shabby chic style


In this guide, an old dresser with a dark brown and white stain was painted. If you require a different color, you can change the products according to your preferences, but please note that the dark should be applied before the light stain.

  • Sandpaper with grain 120-150
  • stainless steel wool
  • Wood stain in mahogany and white
  • Matt wood varnish
  • Pickling brush and paintbrush

Restore Shabby Chic Dresser: chic

Sand the old paint on the dresser with sandpaper.

Step 1: Sand off old paint

First, dust and dirt with dust cloths and a damp cloth are completely removed. Then handles and locks are removed, if possible, so that they do not come into contact with the wood stain during later brushing.

For the homemade Shabby Chic look, the old paintings are removed from the dresser in the first step. This is suitable Sandpaper with a grain size of 120 to 150, Sand all surfaces and edges as thoroughly as possible and remove the fine sanding dust in between and at the end. By sanding, the wood absorbs the stains better.

Step 2: Apply wood stain

Once the old paintings have been removed, the dark wood stain applied. For even paint application, use the Stain sparingly with a pickling brush and stroke the dresser longitudinally to sweep it in horizontal brushstrokes. Finally, apply the stain again in the longitudinal direction. Thereafter, the furniture must be dry at least overnight.

Tip: Carefully test that the paint has dried completely before proceeding with the light stain job.

Restore Shabby Chic Dresser: shabby

Treat the cabinet with mahogany stain.

Restore Shabby Chic Dresser: shabby

Let the paint dry overnight.

Step 3: Paint and sand Shabby Chic dresser

Restore Shabby Chic Dresser: dresser

First paint the edges white and then treat the surfaces.

When the first coat of paint has dried completely, the dresser is replaced with the bright stain painted. The combination with the mahogany color results in a dull, old-looking white paint finish - perfect for a homemade vintage dresser.

The white wood stain is applied sparingly and in short brushstrokes to achieve the shabby chic effect. In order for the dresser to shine in a strong old white, let the stain dry overnight and then apply it again.

After drying, give the dresser the final shabby chic effect. How "shabby" it looks depends on your personal taste. The thicker the cabinet is sanded with sandpaper, the more worn and older it looks.

Tip: Sand the edges of drawers, doors, moldings and shelves until the dark stains are visible to create artificial signs of wear in the typical places.

Restore Shabby Chic Dresser: shabby

For an intensive old white repaint the cabinet after drying.

Restore Shabby Chic Dresser: chic

For a clear shabby chic effect, sand the dresser to the brown stain.

Finish: Paint the restored Shabby Chic dresser

In the last step of the restoration, the sanding dust is removed and a matt wood finish applied to all surfaces and edges. In this way, color and shabby chic design are protected and the dresser is less sensitive to scratches and quirks. After the first varnish application, the intermediate sanding with stainless steel wool follows, before the dresser is repainted. As soon as the varnish has dried, handles and locks are fitted to your new Shabby Chic chest of drawers.

Restore Shabby Chic Dresser: shabby

A matt wood finish protects the Shabby Chic dresser from scratches and scratches.

Restore Shabby Chic Dresser: restore

Sand off with stainless steel wool after the first coat application. Then paint a second time.

By courtesy of CLOU® the Alfred Clouth Lackfabrik GmbH & Co. KG.

DIY Ideas for Homemade Shabby Chic Furniture

In keeping with the old chest of drawers, you can make your own Shabby Chic design shelf or small bedside cabinet by decorating it with chalk paint or interior varnish and sanding the desired marks of wear. You can find out how to do that and find out more in our detailed step-by-step instructions:

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