Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide

Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide: shabby

A traditional wooden shelf looks boring and not spectacular, but with Colors in colorful pastel shades make a stylish shabby chic shelf out of it, In the trend of "shabby fate" modern furniture is painted in subtle colors and sanded off to create artificial traces of wear and quirks.

who the interior design trend in your own four walls only needs a base color, such as white or brown, and colorful chalk colors - but only in discreet pastel shades, because bright colors are not part of the shabby chic.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to turn a traditional wooden shelf into a chic and colorful vintage shabby-look shelf. There are no limits to creativity, so you can also design the shelf in a single color, with floral motifs or colorfully according to your personal preferences. Another advantage: With shabby chic, individual pieces can be combined with old vintage and modern furniture in any combination.

Instructions: Shabby Chic Shelf Design


To make this simple shelf in shabby chic, you need the following items:

  • Chalk paint in different pastel shades
  • Wax or wax for chalk paint
  • Sandpaper 120er to 150er grit
  • brush
  • Coating pad, z. B. old newspaper
  • Possibly. Paint stripper for lacquered furniture
  • Possibly. spatula

Step 1: Sand the shelf and paint white

From a simple, modern wooden shelf is to become a stylish Shabby Chic shelf. So that the chalk color adheres well, old paint jobs with sandpaper of the grain size 120 to 150 must first be removed. If it is untreated wood, this step is eliminated and the chalk paint is applied directly. In this manual, a white hue was chosen as the base color. The base color shimmers later through the other colors on the worn "shabby" spots and can be chosen at will. Paint all edges and surfaces and allow to dry completely - preferably overnight.

Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide: chic

Simple shelf of untreated wood in front of the shabby chic effect

Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide: color

Paint untreated wood in white chalk paint. Sand down varnished wood first.

Step 2: Design vintage shelf with chalk color

Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide: design

Shabby Chic is characterized by subtle pastel shades, which can be mixed and painted at will.

Once the paint has dried, the Primer treated with wax, This seals the surface and ensures that in step 3 the white paint is not completely sanded off. In the places that should be more "shabby", use less wax. Then the chalk wax has to dry.

Then the creative design of your Shabby Chic Shelf begins: Light blue, pink, delicate yellow and green pastel tones characterize this style as well as floral and playful patterns. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. The individual wood elements do not have to be painted perfectly. Irregularities are characteristic of the Shabby Chic design.

Tip: For original color combinations, you can paint over and mix the individual shades. Even color blotches can be retained.

Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide: shelf

Shabby in color: Back of the Shabby Chic shelf after painting

Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide: chic

Create your personal shabby chic style with chalk colors.

Step 3: Sanding Shelf for Shabby Chic Effect

Finally, the real work begins: the dried paint is added Sandpaper sandedto create the shabby chic effect. Highly stressed areas, such as shelves, edges and frames, often show signs of wear and tear, so that you can sand down the colorful chalk paint until the basic tone protected with wax becomes visible.

Tip: If you stop work while sanding and look at the Shabby Chic Shelf from a few steps away, you will see areas where a stronger shabby effect would enhance the furniture.

In the last step the fine sanding dust is removed with a damp cloth. For a long-lasting shabby design, the shelf is finally sealed with wax.

Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide: design

At heavily used areas, sand the paint to the wax.

Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide: chic

Check the overall picture between sanding to rework individual areas.

Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide: color

The finished Shabby Chic shelf.

Shabby Chic Shelf: Shabby Chic Design Shelf Guide: shabby

Whether colorful, light and dark, patterned or monochrome: Find your personal Shabby style.

DIY Ideas for Shabby Chic Furniture

A romantic shabby chic decor not only has to be made of new furniture designed on "shabby", because old pieces of furniture in this style can just as well be restored and created into modern individual pieces with varnished paint, colored wood stains, chalk colors and sandpaper. How about a light dresser or a colorful shelf?

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